2 thoughts on “the-greatness-of-a-nation-and-its-moral-progress-can-be-judged-by-the-way-its-animals-are-treated-world-animal-day

  1. I believe this whole-heartedly. America is an immoral country. It’s getting worse. I am horrified about what’s happening here. Standing Rock is a nightmare and the government is at war against it’s own citizens. Animals are adored, if companions, but they are eaten and abused in so many horrific ways. I fight back anyway I can, but this country has fallen and that’s the truth.


    1. Thank you dear. Oh, sorry to hear that, I always thought animals are loved in America. Tut tut tut, that’s really very saddening. I am a vegetarian and glad that I am not the reason that animals are butchered. It’s a horrible thing to hurt animals as they just know how to love, they can’t speak for themselves. It’s a very noble thing you are doing by standing up for them. Feeling sorry for you. I hope you can make atleast a few hearts change. Keep smiling and have happy winters. ❄️🌹❄️😊


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