Frenzied !

by Sakhi

Call it Insanity, Call it Love

Why oblivious to my Madness

I am Proud of this Frenzy

Believe it or not but it is the Eternal Truth

Why so blinded, Why such obscurity

My heart desires only you, it Yearns for just You

It will wait for you till the end of time

Desertion will lead me to Death

I won’t return from Land of Souls

Do not look for me Ever again

I am consumed by my Delusion

4 thoughts on “Frenzied !

  1. Amazing one dear, love is always oblivious, a state of mind that always keep you in frenzy. It gives so much hope to face anything cause we know we are not love, always will be supported by loved ones and when deserted it takes away all the hope and energy. Blessed, you are with lots of talent, lots of love from people around and I am sure blessed are those people who have you and your care. Good luck and keep writing.


    1. Love is madness, it is being possessed. It is a high, a burst of dopamine in your system, keeping you high. I agree that those who found it are blessed. I am blessed. Desertion of being devoid of love is such a curse. The more the frenzy the more the suffering. Thank you so much for such a beautiful and meaningful comment Sri. When I have friends like you, I lack nothing. 😊🌹

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