My Dearest Papa !


by Sakhi

My Dearest Papa

I am writing this letter to you and writing just because I need to pen down my feelings; I need to let my thoughts on paper, or they claw me from inside. You are sacred to me Papa. I can never have a better god. A religion where You and I, we both are dedicated to each other. You have now left that body, the body I learned to love all my life. The hands that caresses my hair, wiped my tears, held me in my times of need, embraced me to shower immense love, fed me when my hand was broken, even tied my shoe laces before school every morning, wish I could hold them once again and hide my face in your palms like old times. There was never a better touch than your loving caress. I learned to cherish your eyes, that saw me as the perfect daughter; I was beautiful even with acne and pimples to your eyes.

download-12The eyes I miss so much, so many tears I saw in them, that would well up at my slighted wound, be it to my body or heart. I wish to look into your eyes once again and kiss them; they are my two worlds. I miss your shoulders you know, on which I could rest my head and feel like all the pain washed away, in them I would hide from all the world and you would let none see me, harm me. I am still hallowed by your voice; that is still echoing in my voice, solemnly living in my soul. I miss the laughter in your voice and the way you scolded me in front of mum, just for the heck of it, My Goodness, so fake it used to be and made us conspirators against her. I so want to hear that voice once again papa; I so want to have that one more talk. I so want to hug you and hug you so bad.images-28

You called me pious, after you, no one thought I am pious, you called me Angel, I have never felt like one after you. You made me your religion and your sanctuary, I have lost my god with you, never again my heart found peace. I touch your glasses and try to find your eyes behind them, but it’s just plastic, I kiss your watch wanting to feel your wrist in it, but no, it’s just metal. Your perfume bottle is till secure with me, and you know, I spray it sometimes, just in my room and close my eyes, trying to imagine that you are here, and for a moment, just for the time being, I fabricate you from pieces and feel your presence.

images-25Why am I drafting this letter, I don’t know, but what I do know is it will reach you, I want to say so many things Papa, I am so desperate for you sometimes, just that one phone call. You remember how many times you told me that Papa is just a phone call away, Oh why then I can’t reach you on your number. I still have it, I call it sometimes, and despite all my wisdom your little girl who lives in me says “Pick Up”, haha, wasn’t I always a little foolish Papa ? I still remember the day of that Earthquake, you remember I was scared, and you told me, that you would shield me but let no harm come to me, I so miss my shield. You know I eat the things you loved, even lot of green chillies, thinking that you live in me somewhere and I might feel satiated by doing all this. Why Papa, why is body temporary when we are taught to love it for years upon years.images-26

You know numerous times I have seen Mum miss you, but she never shows, she hides her pain from me, Yet I am her daughter and can see through her fake smiles, the unshed tears. Let me confess; I have not been the best daughter to her. I have not even taken care of her like you used to do, in fact, she is the one who took care of me all this time. I was always partial to you, always loved you more, I haven’t done justice to the woman who gave me this life and nurtured me within her body for nine while months, and has been nurturing me ever since. She is a pillar of strength Papa, you won’t know how bravely she held things together, I am very ungrateful to her you know, but you always knew. We still fight a lot you know, the only difference is that now we patch up on our own since we are aware you won’t come to mediate. I am sorry as I didn’t even keep the promise I gave to you on your last evening with me. It is a tough task you left me; I am so sorry.

570aa12f150000ee010b4727.jpegI know you have broken the laws of nature to get back to me in ways no one will comprehend. In my dreams, in my friends, in things I do or say. You know I look for shades of you in all I meet, but you were Great, none is like you, none at all. I was a princess to you always, but you are my king too, now I tell you what I lack, what I need, and before I know it, you help me in mysterious ways. You have proven your presence to me in so many ways, and I know you will always be with me. I know you know all my heart’s desire, but I have learned things you know. Learned to make my way, learned to survive without dependence, learned to fall and get up myself. I have held onto your memories with both hands and trying to move ahead. Life has moved on like all told me it will, I don’t cry that much now, like all said I will, but you know, one thing they told wrong, that Time heals all wounds, IT DOES NOT! It is just that we learnt to adapt and evolved as per the situation. Now I firmly believe that what doesn’t kills you makes you stronger. I can’t say enough how much I miss you. But I know you know that I MISS YOU!13102314_1240921149271044_58553752_n.jpg

Sometimes I wish you were not that good; I might not have missed you so much, but you were so good, a great Father. Never you laid a hand on me, never you scolded me, and whenever you did, I would encash on the coaxing and cajoling that followed a few minutes later. Always you would say a Goodbye and then come back for another Goodbye, just to make sure nothing was left unsaid, but not this last time. You know you went without a Goodbye, and I am still waiting for it. I still hear your car come to a halt at the gate; I still hear your footfalls around the house. I still look into your briefcase to find scraps of your handwriting. I still got your pen and your ties and your shoes. I touch your shoes when I need your blessings, they still got the shape of your feet. Life is long, and there is still lots of time left in our reunion, but know that I carry you in my heart. Make this journey with me Papa; I so need you.Till then I will wait for the day I get to see you again. Promise me you will take me in your arms like you used to do when you were back from tours.

I Love You, Today, Tomorrow and Always, Forever and Ever

Your Gudiya
Proud Daughter of a Proud Father

37 thoughts on “My Dearest Papa !

    1. Thank you so much dear. Glad you liked it. He is a blessing and my most prized gift. Thanks for taking time to read and comment. Keep smiling always and have great winters.❄️🌹😊

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    1. I am indeed very fortunate, not just for my father but my mother too is the most wonderful person. I have been blessed beyond this Workd. I am glad my words could reach you in the best possible way. You’re welcome dear, it’s my pleasure. Keep smiling always and have a great winters ❄️🌹❄️😊

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  1. So heart touching dear, such a great man he was, I can see that and feel that in your words, you narrated his love perfectly. It’s brilliant and emotional, truly he will be so proud of you and I am sure you will make him more proud. I wish you all the best and I know he was your tale spinner. You are really lucky to have such a wonderful person as your father and he gifted you with a wonderful ability to write and mesmerize.

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    1. Hey Sri ! You don’t need to tell me how you felt my pain dear. I know you have heard about him so much from me that you made an instant connection with this letter. I can never than Papa enough for giving me a friend like you who is not only the reason for countless smiles and numerous laughs but also the reason I started this blog. He must be so proud to see it, and his blessings are with you too. He was great, he was splendid. This letter was written in the moment I missed him bad so it’s not in ink but dipped in my silent tears. He has gif
      Ven me everything I ever needed or wanted not just when he was in living firm but now as well. His soul resides in me and his soul always guides me now. Thank you so much Sri, for making this happen. It’s the most precious gift a friend can give. Time and again you have proved the meaning of friendship. You are a wonderful person and the most kind soul. 😊🤗🌹❄️👌🏻✌🏻️🤘🏻👍🏻🙏

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  2. If I were next to right now I would sit beside you and not say a word and you would see my tears and know you wrote something that would begin the healing of both our hurting souls.

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    1. Oh my dear ! You just melted my heart with your comment. Truly, silence speaks volumes, sometimes all we need is someone sitting right next to us and just feeling each other’s pain. Hugs to you my dear one, I can see those tears and I wish our hurts are washed away with them. Thank you so much for being with me in this moment of time. 🤗❄️😊🌹

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      1. Thank you. That’s a lovely thing to say. One of the hardest things about a growing blog is that there just isn’t enough time to visit all the wonderful bloggers and posts. So glad to have connected 🙂

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  3. Absolutely beautiful! Sounds like we had very similar fathers and I too have been visited in ways I will only understand! Most recently by my father’s eyes in my son. I feel like it is a gift and I will forever cherish it! The hugs and the security, there is nothing that can fill that void.

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  4. Saak, it’s too hurting and painful when you loose somebody in some or other way… I had lost my 21 years old young baby bro and I know the pain… and I have lost many people apart from death in my life and it hurts very deep… The stress level on death is 100 % and I felt it in each word…each line… each expressions of your emotions that I read in this article… I am here though I can’t replace your father. I love you.

    Regards, CP

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  5. What a great post! This makes me miss my father more.
    We’re very close but we live thousands of miles away and though technology seems to bridge the distance, it’s not quite the same.

    You’re very talented… a great writer and artist.
    Thanks for the follow… I followed you back and I’m looking forward to more posts and artwork.

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  6. Seriously I don’t have words to describe this Coz it’s beyond description ,I can understand your feelings ,I was crying throughout , god bless u , I’m blessed reading this ☺

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    1. Thank you dear Aishwarya. Glad you liked it so much, I can understand why you cried while reading it, as I too cried while writing it. Only one daughter can understand another’s pain. Thank you dear for taking time to read and comment. Keep Smiling and Happy Blogging 🍫🙏🌹😊❄️

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  7. One of the best blogs I have ever read on WordPress! Your father is so much like mine. I am the 100th person to like your post… but let me tell you this is more than a post… it is so sacred, almost like a prayer. God bless you!

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  8. My tears shed in concert with each your your parchment pen rop. Thanks for this. I have not blogged much since my dad’s passing. Thanks for the follow. Thanks for your transparency

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