Suicide -The Only Solution?


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Suicide, a painful end to even painful life.  For many around the world pain of taking away own life is easier than leading the life itself.  I still fail to understand how could one muster enough courage to take such a dreadful decision when they could have an alternate solution.  Either jumping of a building or popping up sleeping pills or slitting the important nerve or hanging self or… we have a big range of options, nothing is painless then how the plan of suicide is executed, I am clueless.  Failure in exams, failed relationship, rejection in love, loss in business, rejection from society…. What could be a valid reason supporting this extreme step that might put an end to the problems of the person in question (as imagined by the same person) but crashes down the dreams and world of near and dear ones.

Thinking of such a complicated issue reminds…

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One thought on “Suicide -The Only Solution?

  1. People who commit suicide don’t often see options or alternatives, that’s why they kill themselves. If you aren’t at that point, it’s impossible to understand why they do what they do. Sometimes it’s the only way to stop the pain they live with. There isn’t always someone else can do to help a person who had decided he doesn’t want to stay. It’s not up to others to understand, not really. That choice was up to the person who did it. Only he knows why it was the only choice he saw.

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