Dear you, From Me.

Moylom Art Studio


Dear you,

You’ve opened up a part of me
That has been closed for a while.
You’re showing me things
I haven’t seen in ages —
Things I thought I’d rather not see anymore,
But now I find pleasure in them again
And it’s a wonderful feeling,
Thanks to you.

The images of the future
I see through your eyes
Are not what I envisioned on my own.
My visions were distorted by past hurt,
But with you there’s a thrill of anticipation
As we look towards a glorious, new horizon.
You’ve renewed my hope in finding ‘true’ love
And incase you didn’t know, you complete me.

I wake up thankful everyday knowing
That had we met 20 yrs ago
We might not have been
Right for each other as we are now.
We needed to face our own trials;
We needed to endure our own pain;
We needed to…

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