What is your driving force behind blogging?

First of all I want to thank Quillnparchment for the opportunity and the idea of the topic of this post. I think the topic is very interesting and important and I am very glad that I was given the opportunity to share my thoughts around this topic on Quillnparchment’s blog.

Blogging.. Why do we blog actually?  I think there are many answers to that question because the motivation behind can differ according to interests and so on. Motivation brings topics to the blog which is driving our willingness to write. There are so many good blogs out there where you can see people really passionate about what they are doing which I truly love. The motivation and idea behind this post came from Quillnparchment who asked me to write about things such as the driving force behind blogging.

Blogging for a cause. Do you have to blog for a cause or is it enough to write just for writing. A huge motivation factor behind blogging among many people are money and likes. If the reason behind your blog is one of these things I doubt very strongly that you will succeed. I am sorry if I am disappointing some of the readers by claiming this but I think it is the harsh reality. Your blog has to encourage people in some way which you will never be able to do if the only motivation behind your blog is your own desire for money or likes.

I want you to ask yourself the same question that I am asking myself from time to time which is would you have still been blogging if there did not exist a blog business where you could make money? What if you could never earn a single dollar on your blogging activity? Would your passion for sharing and will to encourage others be as strong?

This leads me to the last topic in this post which is whether you should focus on quality or quantity. Well, this question depends on the answers you gave yourself on the questions I asked above. If your main driving force for blogging is that you are blogging for a cause then the obvious answer is that you focus on quality since your interest makes you spend time on your posts. Regarding the answers to the questions regarding whether you would blog if it did not exist a blogging business the answers are somewhat more mixed. You can have a burning desire for sharing and motivating and encouraging others and still have a goal of making your blog paying your bills. However, I think that if you leave out motivating and encouraging others in the sentence above which leaves you with goal of making your blog paying your bills I think you never will succeed. Then your blog will be without any meaning.


In a world where more and more of the things around us is becoming fake and true feelings are being hidden I think that people hunger for reading about things where your true passion is shining through everything that I do on your blog. I would therefor encourage people to write for a cause and spend time on the posts by bringing quality posts to the world instead of focusing on quantity in hopes for as many readers as possible. If your posts are good enough the readers will come anyway..

25 thoughts on “What is your driving force behind blogging?

    1. Two years ago I started “Madhu Punj” – a Gujarati Audio blog for the benefits of elderly retired people. Most of my generation people born around 1945 are not computer savvy and this blog of mine provides them best of Bhajan-Kirtan-Religious discourses audio files available on the net. Even those with poor eyesight, sick and bed-ridden can just put on headphones, listen and feel relaxed and relieved.

      Many people’s life including my own has transformed ever since I met my Guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj. From an ordinary shepherd to Kalam ex: President of India or religious scholars like Swami Chinmayanandji or doctor Tejas Patel and many westerners who met Pramukh Swami Maharaj had a unique experience of his divinity. Hundreds of such divine experiences are narrated by BAPS Sadhus (Hindu monks) in their discourses-speeches but mostly in Gujarati. My 2nd blog is an attempt to convert those Gujarati audio clips into English Text snippets for benefits of the non-Gujarati people.

      You have well said about ‘fake’. Fake currency news in Indian media, Fake claims about presidential candidates in US media, Fake statistic figures were given by China recently confirmed in the media.

      This 7 Dec. blog post of yours is in fact echo of my inner feelings. Incidentally, 7 Dec. is my birthdate as per Bhavnagar Municipality register & it’s also the birth date of my Guru Pramukh Swami Maharaj.


  1. Personally, I blog because in this era humans are far removed from humans. So this is just a way for me to make the internet more human. I could care less about how many followers I have. It’s not about quantity for me. Like the rest of the world I’m trying to find my voice. I’m naturally a shy person and this experience helps me break out of that more and more. As I do it more I know more content will come from me on my pages. But I’m a lover of the blogs I follow so I also share from other blogs or things I see online I feel needs to be shared with others. I like helping people so if I can help or connect with even a handful of people, I think my blog is a success.

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    1. My mother tongue is Gujarati and English is a foreign language for me. Yet I made an attempt to start a blog in English with the intention to convey those divine experiences narrated in Gujarati to the non-Gujarati speaking community. The number of visitors to my blog is none of my concern. People flock into fish and vegetable markets daily but jewellery and gold shops hardly once a year. Same is the case with my blog relating to spirituality.


  2. I have been criticized because I don’t seem to have a central theme. The reason I cast such a wide net is because that is the range of my interests.

    Each time I’ve written for money my favorite hobby became 8 to 5 and I am echoing the interests of someone else. Do it their way, satisfy the interests of their sponsors or they will find someone else who will. AND THEY HAVE.

    In 1964 decided I wanted to be a newspaper reporter. After three different papers I found I couldn’t earn enough to support a family. After that went up in smoke I became an associate editor of a monthly, worldwide magazine. I’ve also free lanced and been, on occasion, well paid for my effort.

    The original goal behind this writing business started out as a wannabee novelist working in a hideaway somewhere. But dreams sometimes work out as that – dreams. Over the years I learned there many ways of being paid for the words I string together. Satisfaction seems to pay the best. I write for myself. If someone else gleans some pleasure from my scribbles it’s a bonus. If they don’t that okay too.

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  3. Why do I blog? I am a writer and I write because I am a writer. When I started gruundehn.wordpress.com I wrote once a week on my personal life and once a week on politics. I have stopped the political posts, I do YouTube videos instead now, and I have tried to post everyday on my personal life. I do not always succeed. I have also started a companion blog, christophercolesitewordpress.com, in order to showcase my writing and get feedback so I can improve. Eventually, once I finish posting all five of the Jesip Elder books, I hope to use that blog as an example to show others my writing and get my other books published. But it all boils down to, I write because I am a writer.

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    1. Writers and poets are not made but born. I believe each and every human being born on this planet earth is assigned a special role by the creator. Those who play the role best as assigned (even a role of a poor man) is happiest/successful person & those who try to change the role assigned by the creator ends up with misery.


  4. I honestly started blogging because I needed an outlet to release my emotions and the pain I was going through this past summer. A friend who also blogs encouraged me to do it. What I write about is my relationships, what I am experiencing and feeling. I never expected it to grow but it has and I hope that my experiences give someone hope to know that as dark as life may seem at times it will get better. I have no idea how to make money with it and that is not my intention. I enjoy blogging, even though at times it is painful and a little scary to be so open with how I am feeling.

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  5. Personally, I blog to give insight for people. As you know, I review movies, so I watch a movie and give my detailed account on what I liked / disliked about it. In this day and age, it’s expensive to go the theater (or cinema) with average four person family or even with two people date night. Seeing a movie at night is more, plus you have format viewing choices (2D, 3D, IMAX, IMAX 3D, etc), which raises the ticket cost, but the concession stand prices are high as well. So a family of four might spend $60 to $70 dollars by going to the movies and the movie itself might be terrible. So I review movies (good, bad, or indifferent) and give my rating on whether to see it theaters, rent it, or skip it.

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  6. Reblogged this on ' Ace Friends News ' and commented:

    Thanks for the visit and follow my reason for blogging grew out of 7 years of looking after my mum and l needed to wait for all sorts of people and caters etc … So unable to do a job l built a news services and now it’s grown and became part of my life … This is a great post to share with friends site l set up Ian 🎄

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  7. Blogging is part of me now…. This Blogs pool is another world… And in here you are encouraged, motivated and strengthened to face Life…. It’s been a great time here….
    Thanks for sharing this

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  8. I am also shy and tend to doubt myself a lot. I have only recently gotten the courage to put myself out there more. I feel it is essential to have passion and a strong desire to share something with the world. There is also so much reward in having a community of people who write and support one another! My motivation for blogging was to share a story of someone I admire, to keep him alive, so hopefully someone can enjoy/connect with it. In turn, I also wish to add a little warmth to the world.

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  9. Thank You so much, Roberta,,, dear for having this privilege of having an article written by on my humble blog. This is no less than a medal on my chest. It was very sporting of you to take up the topic suggested by me. You certainly have written a very insightful post, letting your readers know that each and every blogger is a driven by some force that works its way behind each post he/she makes, It is true that some people start a blog to earn some money through it and let me say that is a perfectly good idea, but seldom is successful like you told.

    I think I blog because I needed this blog to let the storm inside me ashore to crash upon. It has served its purpose for me yet. Making me much more peaceful and content cause now all mt thoughts aren’t holed up in me, they are down on paper, and reaching people near and far. Some are funny, some entertaining, some inspiring and some informative. And that is exactly what I wanted QUILLNPARCHMENT to be, a mixed bag, just like Santa’s bag.

    Thank You once again, Roberta, for being so kind to me, it is always a great feeling to be able to connect with the writer behind these pages. You’re welcome on QuillnParchment. You are free to write on it whenever you feel like it.

    Keep Smiling
    Warm Regards

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  10. Great post, I think many start blogging as a hobby whether it’s for encouragement, education or entertainment but then when the expenses come into play, we look to earn additional income with our blogs.

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