What is that you are hopeful about?


Hi Everyone,

Before proceeding further I would like to wish you all a very happy new year.  We all had our share of joys and sorrows; surprises and shocks; love and hate; friends and foes in the year which has just passed away (I hope this is a correct expression to use ☺).  So we all are stepping into a new year (I know it’s just a change of number 16 to 17, but change is a change nevertheless) with memories both fond and otherwise and hopes of betterment in the near future.

“Better” as in?  Better job, better pay, better position, better movies, government policies😏, better wardrobe, better vacations and blah blah.  We surely hope and want better of everything we had so far, right?

On that note I would like to announce what I want or rather hopeful about in the new year:

  • No more procrastination:  Yes…

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2 thoughts on “What is that you are hopeful about?

  1. The ” Rag Picker ” has returned and war has been declared. I am taking quite a beating in this one. I am hoping there are less rags to pick up this year. I would like to see America “nice” again ! Peace, Marshall


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