Blow Those Bubbles…

Today is Bubble Bath Day! Individuals have been getting a charge out of hot showers for a huge number of years. In Ancient Rome, showering at an open office was a piece of the day by day routine for general residents. An outing to the Roman showers may incorporate a dunk in the caldarium (hot tub), a brief break in the laconicum (sauna), and a reviving swim in the frigidarium (cold pool).
Up until the late 1940s, the average American washed once every week for personal cleanliness. Today, a day by day shower is standard, yet it’s imperative to enjoy a lavish soak each once for a little while. A bubble bath can open up your pores, scrub your skin, and unwind muscles.
Get a jug of your most loved bubble bath item and fill your tub today evening time to observe Bubble Bath Day! Make a quieting spa climate with mood melodies, candles, and a towel to pad your neck.


2 thoughts on “Blow Those Bubbles…

  1. That reminded me off the years and years I was a supervisor for a utility line clearance company, 1991 -2010. We would respond to weather related emergencies all over the country, most often in the gulf south because of hurricanes. I recall one particular moment that is burned into my memory forever. It was while working Katrina (I actually lived there also), it had been 9 days and there still had not been a staging area set up we were sleeping in our trucks and eating MRI’s. No shower for 9 days. One afternoon it came a heavy rain. Picture this, as I did, 71 grown men butt naked in the middle of a open area in the pouring rain using industrial hand cleaner to wash with. I have several photo’s of the event, including one with me !! Ha, what a sight. Peace, Marshall

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  2. This is some interesting facts. I knew back in the day, bathing would be far and few between. It’s so funny that now we shower at least once a day, and so many people ignore baths. I need one now! Love it!

    Signed with gratitude,


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