Infinite Moment

“For what shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul?”

Life is so Finite. Numbered days, counted breaths, every smile debited, every tear credited. All the books are being kept, the bad debts are taken into account, the failed investments are audited. We all have our logbooks, each sunrise timed, each sundown noted. Hours spent dreaming, minutes spent loving; seconds spent waiting. All the receipts are submitted, there are love letters, there are those reports you got from the hospital. It’s all in there, in your file. Everything is documented. The kisses are calculated, the hugs totalled. Taxes are imposed, Affection Tax, Family Tax, Love Tax. Duties are exercised; the duty to kids, the responsibility to parents, the charge for marriage. Nothing is exempted.

Then what is left out? The Soul. The Soul is Infinite. It will keep moving through infinity with no ends. No start and no stop. It has been changing forms, changing it’s vessel only. The finite vessel, BODY. The soul will keep on loving beyond realms of human understanding. I know this, I have experienced it. The smiles might be counted, but the happiness in them can’t be, it is never measured. The days may be numbered but not their potential; we can do N number of things with our days.

We can say we met 20 people today, but we can never tell how many souls we touched. You are my reader; I am not meeting you but touching your soul. The turnover of my company can be told in Gross Profit but how many mouths I feed can not be. There are 7 Billion people living on this Earth, but innumerable Ants, Termites and Insects are inhabiting it.

It is said Energy never dies but changed form, so it means Energy is Infinite. For me, Infinity is not Space or Time; it is this very moment. It is an infinite moment. What happens now can stay with me beyond time.

You wanna know my moment of Infinity? It was when I looked into my love’s eyes, and there was me in them and in my eyes were his eyes with me in them once again and again and again…. It went on and on beyond the reach of my eyes.

Don’t be satisfied with the horizon, keep looking for infinity – Jim Morrison

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