You’re Gonna Hear Me Roar

It’s Ohk, Alright; I am Fine
What shall I gain, If I Whine
I have one Life to Live, not Nine
Will make do, Flowers, Twigs or Twine
Come on, Stand up, Have some Spine
You ain’t a Creeper, You ain’t a Vine
Stop being so damn Flexible, Shed that Bine
For this once take a Stance, Be Opine
Gather your Soul, No more Pine
Break the Rules, Stop being In Line
It’s your Blood they Drink; It’s no Red Wine
Pull that Fork from your Heart, That Sharp Tine
Stop Carving me up; I am not yours to Chine
I am not your Prey, not a Lamb, not an Ovine
You are not Thou, Not Thee, I ain’t Thine
I won’t let you Drag me, No more up your Cline
I am not that Weak; I come with Hard Exine
Will not turn to Dust, was made to Shine
I will make it out, out of your Ravine
From this Moment I am the Wolf, I am Lupine
I won’t give it to you now; It’s Mine
You get no more Worship, No Shrine
Claiming the Jungle, A Queen Feline
I am Sacred, I am Pious, I am Divine

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