She was holding onto him tightly, just like a Snake on a Sandalwood Tree, It Clings. She was breathing hard, hyperventilating, peeping out of his coat. The sliver of light falling on them through the slightly ajar door. He was silent, silent like the dead of the night. They both sat there for an eternity, no one dared to move or close the door shut and lock it up. Outside that door was a jungle, blood and fire rained down from the sky. He slowly freed himself from her arms and crawled like a feline cat to the door and places his eye on the gap in the door. He saw the street outside was deserted, he heaved a sigh and with a banged the door closed and bolted it from inside, turning around and sitting with his back to the door. They were both on the opposite walls of the small room, looking at each other’s blood and soot-stained faces. She ran a hand on the small cuts and scratched on her arms and legs, wincing and sobbing softly. Everything was fine an hour ago, she was on her way home from her coaching class, riding her bicycle happily, her earplugs stuffed in her ears, her iPod hanging around her neck. But, that seemed like ages ago, everything took a worst turn and now here she was, with this stranger, would have died if not for him. Thirst was making her swallow hard but her mouth was so dry that it ached to swallow. The only light in the room came from a high window above the door, a faint white moonlight, but it was soothing, just what they both needed. He wrapped her arms around her knees and lied down on the hard, cold cement floor, getting in a fetal position and closing her eyes. She saw blood stains on the door, the floor was covered in blood. Her eyes went wide as she scooted to him and saw the gash on his back. She shook him hard, she didn’t even know his name, by what name shall she call him. Anyways he was non-responsive, He has fainted.


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