Oh ! Pristine Love….

They say Love can’t be seen. They say Wrong. I have seen Love. He is very handsome. He looks like a Royalty.
They say Love is Blind. They are Wrong. Love is all seeing. It can see the smiles and the tears in my eyes without even really seeing me. It can see like a scanner right through me. Like I am made of glass. Love has keen eyes.
They say Love is Deaf and Dumb. They say Wrong. Love has the most delicious voice, and it speaks the most beautiful language. Love talks soothingly when I am sad, it laughs when I crack jokes. It hears loud and clear. It can hear the pain I am hiding, the mischief I did.
They say Love Can’t be Touched. They say Wrong. I have touched him. He has the silkiest skin and most tender touch.
They say Love isn’t Tangible. They are Wrong. Love can be felt in the heart, it can exist in the soul, it can reside in mind.
They say Love has no Fragrance. They say Wrong. Love smells like Damp Earth, like Petrichor. I have Sniffed him. He has the scent of First Rain, of Sandalwood, of Rajnigandha.
They say Love is Madness. They are Wrong. Love is wisest of them all. He has the Wisdom of an Old man, the Innocence of a Child and the Determination of Youth.
They say Love doesn’t know Right from Wrong. They are Wrong. Love knows it all. But he is too pure to Judge. He is too unconditional to favour the Rights and abandon the Wrongs. He Embraces both with equal Affection.
They say Love is Aimless. They say Wrong. Love shows the Path always. Love guides with Knowledge, Love Inspires with Passion, Love Leads when we are too scared to take a step forward.
They say Love Cages. They are Wrong. Love sets a Free. It gives Wings. It offers a new horizon for us to open our wings and fly high. Love releases our Fears. It breaks the chains stopping us from taking the Leap of Faith.
They say Love is Pain. They say Wrong. It ends all misery and ends all pain. It brings a calm and peace never felt before. It is the proof that one soul can live in two bodies.
What is Life without you, my Love
They have no flavour, the dry Nights
Don’t go, can’t do without you
Don’t go, I won’t find another
What is a Monsoon without you
Oh ! My Beloved, I call out to you
These pale nights won’t go by
Without you…..Moon isn’t Silver
Sun is just dust, Withered Trees
Moist eyes, teary eyes, distressed soul
Oh, listen to my soulmate
Always be in love/live in love
Oh pristine love, don’t ever wake up
Don’t ever let your feet touch the ground
If you ever look into my eyes
Your eyes tell me a story
Which, though never comes on your lips!


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