Last Wish…….

Bury me under the stars
On the banks of a river
Find an isolated corner
Plant some Jasmine around me
I always loved them
Make sure I can see the setting sun
Make me wear my pink cotton dress
It is so comfortable, so beautiful
Write poetry on my headstone
“She died every day until the very last.”
Visit me on your birthday every year
And maybe on Christmas’s to come
Bring me some of those cookies you make
I can eat them all, and some roses from the garden
Read me a story, I can sleep better that way
You remember our song?
Sing that second stanza for me, just like you used to
Is it too much to ask for?
Will you do this all?
I know, I have always been a trouble
No more, it all sums up here
I am just changing home
From this world to your heart
Now I am just yours, and I am your magic
No one sees me, no one hears me, but you
My dying wish, My last wish for you
Never again will I ask for more
Lay a kiss on my lips, before I leave


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