What difficulty you face while starting something in your life ?

The first difficulty you face when you start something new is a lack of confidence. You will question your own potential again and again. You will need someone to reassure you time and again that you will do it and sleep with determination. But morning when you will wake up, your mind will be obscured by insecurity and doubt yourself again.

The next hurdle will be procrastination. Stalling the work at hand, finding reasons not to do it. You will be no short of excuses to do it from tomorrow. Hesitating, postponing. delaying it for a good time, a right time. Let me tell. There is no good time than today and no right time than Now.

The next one will be being complacent. Being satisfied and pleased with yourself way too soon. Ready to pat your back with the smallest of efforts. That will make you slacken your efforts. We like to delve in self-pity and sympathise with ourselves best.

Another obstacle is Fear of Judgement. “What will people say ?” We all fear the opinion of society and family and friends. No one wants to be the odd one out. No one likes to be criticised or condemned. That fear often makes us take a different path than what was intended.

One more is Thinking about the outcome. “will any good come out of this ?” We think of the result before the exams. And if we fear, we will definitely fail, then the motivation to do it, struggle for it dies. Like Lord Krishna said “Do your deed, stop worrying about the results” What it means is as long as you are putting your best foot forward, you don’t need to worry, the result will be good. If it is bad also, you won’t regret that you left any stone unturned in making it happen.

But just know that fate plays a big part in making things happen for us. Even Munshi Premchand, the famous writer of Hindi novels like Nirmala and Godan was a failure in his life and his books became a hit posthumously.

It is all easier said than done. I am trying to pen a book and I am facing all these challenges. Like right now, when I should be writing the book or doing research work for it, I am sitting here, typing answers for you people on WordPress. 🙂

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