The Devil In Me

Inside me lives a dark Creature
Never make a Devil your Teacher
He is such a persuasive Preacher
Profanity, Infidelity, Crime his Feature

Whispering softly into my Ear
Mumblings things all I can’t Bear
It Purrs, you got no one but me, Cheer
Feasting on me, feeding off my Fear

Crawling over me in the dead of the Night
It slithers into my heart, giving me such Fright
I grope in its embrace, writhing for a sliver of Light
Is there no mercy, why won’t it pity my Plight

My hands feel it’s cold skin, the fear of Unknown
The chills seeps into me, right down to my very Bone
No fire burns high to save me; I shiver all Alone
Silent ghosts surround me, turning me into their Own

My blood has turned blue; I sleep into the demon’s Lap
I haven’t slept in ages; I hope this one will be my longest Nap
How long could I escape it, it was the perfect Trap
A feather falls at his feet, the dead angel’s last Scrap


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