Are You Human?


Hello Everyone,

23rd June,2017, I was with my daughter, returning from her crèche.  Took escalators to the underground metro as lifts were absent and I was carrying my daughter in a pram.  It’s prohibited to carry a pram on escalators but I had no other option as I was alone and this is what I do daily.

But today I was jolted for a fraction of seconds.   At the end of the escalator as I was about to push the pram onto the floor the pram got stuck at the end and I was practically stranded on one of the stairs behind the pram.  As the stairs kept revolving I lost my balance but kept holding the push cart and eventually it was lifted from ground on one end while the front wheels were still stuck.  It raised to a level where I thought the baby would fall from…

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4 thoughts on “Are You Human?

  1. The baby had a lucky escape thanks to the intervention of those two human beings. It’s true that these days it’s easier to ‘Like’ something but actually take no further action. I don’t often use Facebook because the game is to get as many followers possible who can ‘like’you but you’d never be able to really interact with so many people so it becomes shallow.
    On the other hand you do read of some terrible things on Facebook, accidents, deaths etc and it’s very hard to verify the truth of them so it’s easier to stay un-involved.
    xxx Huge Hugs xxx


  2. This says beautifully exactly what I think. We have become a selfish society. Everything has to be for our convenience, even to where we park our cars. Never mind that we might be causing an obstruction.
    When I grew up, I, and everyone else, was taught to put others first. Then, in the 70s or 80s, we were told we needed to SOMETIMES ( and I emphasize that word) think of ourselves. Now this has come to always put ourselves first. Me time can’t be interrupted by anything. This has resulted, in my opinion, in the selfcentred world we have today.


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