Lessons of Love

Today I came to know something invaluable about Love. I will tell you about it, but I know it won’t be useful to you. You can’t imbibe it from my article or by anyone’s teachings. You can only experience on your own. I am a writer, and my pen is asking for my attention, my ink wants me to pen down my experience.

I use to believe that to love meant to hold on, Clasping tight, Stinging, wrenching, agonising. Holding that fear, Holding ambiguity, Holding hurt, Holding passion, Maintaining an image, an illusion, a facade, beauty, perfection, Holding it all together. It needed a whole lot of glue, all that holding. It could break apart and disintegrate at any time, under all that intense pressure. In my journey of finding love, I learned that love requires a whole bunch of letting go…

Love is what’s left after the lover is long gone. Yes……I am right.

Don’t assume that I am telling you that the hurt and pain of losing a lover is love, No. To feel love for a person after he is gone, when with him are gone all expectations, and all possessiveness, gone are all hatred, anger, jealousy, violence, gone is that aching to be with them, gone is that longing to hear their voice and that need to touch and feel them, when the desires and the lusts dissipate, and the illusions, attachment and ego drops, when pretences fall, dependence disappears and all the worldly bondages break free……..then what you are left with is something pure and unadulterated.

When that acceptance of your being dawns on you, that you are complete, and that you are love, love is in you, you are free from all the pain and your soul flies, you get wings, and you are light as a feather. That is when you soar higher and see the world below from the bird’s view. And the bigger picture is seen, and everything falls into place, like a huge jigsaw puzzle finally falling into place. Then look around you, love is flying with you, it isn’s something you can keep caged, it is meant to be free. It needs nothing. Need makes us manipulate, exploit and control. And that is not loving; it is fear. Love will never thrive on fear; it will die a slow and painful death.

Free your love, open those locks. I know it is easier said than done. Free love from the care of future, don’t create that bondage around the feet of love, it is strong enough to break all chains, it is frail enough to break withing those chains. In both cases, you will lose it.

You have the key. The master key. The skeleton key. That river is meant to flow, that water has to pass, it is set to meet the sea. Do you want to retain it? You will make dams, and use the water, mind it you will use the still water, but you loved the river that flowed, you have changed its state by controlling it for your selfish reasons. It is not the living-breathing river you fell in love with, and someday it will break those walls, and there will be a flood that will drown everything with nothing left behind but devastation. Your banks will be the first to take its wrath. So better open those gates now, let it flow, see it winding down and flow by, making your banks lush and fertile.

Someone today told me:

Love is like loose sand. The more you wanna hold onto it, the tighter you close your fist around it, the quicker it slips from between your fingers, without you even knowing that you are holding onto nothing but a myth. And one day when you open the fist, you are left with just some sand that has stuck to your palm, and you dust it off, yet, some won’t go, it will be there, and that…..my friend is love. That what remains after you have given up on everything and let go, Is Love.

Love does not weaken, if anything, it makes us strong. It’s like the Sword of Gryffindor, imbibing anything that strengthens it. This love isn’t any love; it’s every kind of love. Love for parents, love for a partner, love for kids, love for friends, love for the teacher, love for humankind, love for nature, love for self. Love more. Love often. Love freely. Love many. Love all. Love yourself. Love

Liberate In Love, Rise in Love……..


3 thoughts on “Lessons of Love

  1. Love the sand analogy and your wonderful description of love! I’ve found the less I have focused/been concerned with love, the more it surrounds me in a very honest, fulfilling, and powerful way. It’s uplifting rather than burden some and exhausting. Great thoughts!❤️~Anne

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