WiFi or Wife – what’s/ who’s your pick Mr.Husband?


Note: Fiction but a virtual truth of many lives today.

Hello Everyone,

Summer vacations and kids at Grandma’s place, such a bliss!  Some shopping, spa time and some quality time with hubby dear – this was all playing in Supriya’s mind.  Daily chaos – kids, home, office to be taken care of and something which she regretted a lot was lack of time (more than obviously).  As a result of which someone else (better say something) entered into their lives and equations have changed forever.

Now it’s time for setting the equations right, thought Supriya.

It was Saturday, Supriya had a long day at salon – her much-needed break and makeover.  She looked fabulous.  She was really happy to see the outcome and hoping to get noticed (well women’s’ greatest confidence booster when a hefty amount is spent on wardrobe and salon is getting noticed 😀).

She reached home…

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18 thoughts on “WiFi or Wife – what’s/ who’s your pick Mr.Husband?

      1. you are logging on to a wrong site wordpress/mikerana … you need to register at mikerana.com and use the button for subscribing to blog


      2. well … i get a different impression from the blogs all over the place … everyone rights about women empowerment and their rights. It is as if men don’t already know about it … and why is that women support this effort ? Perhaps a subject with no fresh inputs … would like to hear more about other things such as spiritual, cultural and social issues … Not for you but in general ..


      3. Sir, I agree with you and that’s the reason I normally don’t write attacking a particular gender. I write on diverse issues. My last post ” Wife or WiFi” it’s just a humorous take nothing too harsh.

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      4. Your article is good but not readable because it does not separate out the ideas in paragraphs. Writing a blog needs further study of composition and grammar.
        So I read it but could not get my ideas in the mind elucidated or retain them.
        Therefore I recommend that you first convert this article to a readable format.

        And read about the Indian Law that states about dowry and domestic violence. There are male groups already questioning the law because it if heavily oriented towards females. They held demonstrations in Delhi a while ago.

        Still the situation continues …

        And what do you say about the exploitation by girls in marriage when they cause tremendous pain for the male.

        These days men are worried and afraid of the girls and so are the girls for males .. for marriage


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