A Disturbing Dream


Hello Everyone,

Do you dream?  Who doesn’t?  What do you dream about “generally”?  I mean there might be a certain set of dreams that you generally visualise.  My school, college, friends, examination hall, my father – they don’t seem to leave my eyes.  They make me happy, teary eyed, laugh out loud, think hours about them.

But yesterday I had a very disturbing dream that shook me completely.

What was the dream?  I was travelling in a bus.  There was a man who was sitting behind my seat.  He was doing some obnoxious stuff, passing lewd comments at women in the bus accompanied with actions.  And the irony is he was with his daughter and no one dared to oppose him.  When finally I decided to take an initiative and report the issue to the cops to my dismay the fact dawned on me that he himself was a…

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