A Gift For My Love

The cold wind from the west that Blows
From mighty mountains high and Lows
I can feel your presence, your essence so Close
Love you are my sunshine even when it Snows

Around the meadows and the brooks, it Grows
In evenings it opens, the lovely yellow Primrose
You are my poetry, my saga, my quote and my Prose
In butterflies of colour, burning Firefly, you Chose

I smell your scent around, my heartbeat Slows
You melt my heart like ice, in winters that Froze
Never slept in an era but in your arms, I Doze
Don’t ever leave me bereft, in the poignant Pose

Your touch makes me blush and curl my Toes
To Sun and Moon, and to Stars I Suppose
Milkyway and Andromeda, the whole Cosmos
To Infinity and Beyond, Love in eyes that Shows

I have read you my heart, let me take my Bows
With you, I stand tall, in Storms and Throes
I am there by your side, in light and Shadows
Let me send you a kiss, on the petals of a Rose



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