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Samar stood on the balcony of his one-bedroom rented house and sipped on the aromatic Masala tea he just made himself as he gazed down at the two children playing Hopscotch. The two boys brought a soft smile to his lips as they played and fought and then made up then and there. How simple is childhood, how short-lived are the fights, how quick we are to patch up again, shake hands, hug and get back to playing together. He was engrossed in the two kids that he even forgot to dunk his biscuits in his tea. The boy’s mother came in the balcony from the opposite building and called them up ‘Daddy was home’. They both yelled and ran up inside the multi-floor building.

Samar looked at his empty teacup and the leftover biscuits. He thought about Sagar and his own childhood. Sagar was his younger brother, but Samar…

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