Candles Online

“Sameer…..” Tanya gulped, “I mean Sam” She gave a forced smile and tried to relax her shoulders to sound more casual “How do you know me?” She saw offence crept into his eyes and she quickly rephrased her question “I mean before the letters, how do you know me?” Tanya asked him, trying to know more about the man sitting across her, eating a burger and french fries that he washed down with a Coke can while Tanya munched on the chips served along with a Club Sandwich. Her appetite was gone the moment her eyes fell on Sameer and with it was gone all the build-up she had made in her imagination, dreaming of a suave, handsome man in sophisticated attire who would pull the chair for her like a true gentleman while he talked about her, letting her feel special. But the odds were not in her favour…

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