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Tears from laughing until cryingTears from laughing until crying

Tears of changeTears of change

Tears of griefTears of grief

Tears from onionsTears from onions

Basal tearsBasal tears

Tears of timeless reunionTears of timeless reunion

Tears of ending and beginningTears of ending and beginning

Tears of momentum, redirectedTears of momentum redirected

Tears of releaseTears of release

Tears of possibility and hopeTears of possibility and hope

Tears of elation at a liminal momentTears of elation at a liminal moment

Tears of remembranceTears of remembrance

You must be wondering these are sketches done by some brilliant artist who has given a pencil to his imagination of tears of different causes, but that is not what this is. These are microscopic images of tears of different reasons taken by a photographer named Rose-Lynn Fisher. Yes!!! Just like snowflakes, every tear has a different formation. 

Tears are always an emotional thing but if we look at the scientific aspect of tears, we cry three basic type of tears that are, Basal, Psychic and Reflex Tears ranging from one that keeps the eyes lubricated to the ones that are the outcome…

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