The Beginning Of The End!

Yes!!! We are there. At the beginning of the end. I can see it. Clear as water and in my face like this screen on which I am typing. It’s close, Extremely Close!!!

Everything comes to an end someday. Everything and everyone has a shelf life. Human life, Relationships, Friendships, Love, Good Times, Hard Times and Life. Each one has an expiry date.

And then comes the eternal question “If to be happy it happened or be sad that it ended?” I like everyone, have no answer to this question. Philosophers like Rumi, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle have not been able to answer this question.

Each heart is a whole universe, and each mind is a different cosmos. I always believe that we are made of stardust, and everything shall return to being dust once again. But what legacy do we leave behind? No, not that one, not the money and the land and the fame and the heritage but our mark upon this Earth.

Earth too shall seize to exist one day. Swallowed up by the one she loves. Her Sun. And then the Sun, the eternal life-giving source will turn to nothingness. It will become a black mass that will suck everything that touches it.

Haha, a sudden thought came to me. “Love Triangle” The thing our filmmakers and story writers love to exploit. It’s the first example is set by nature and this solar system. How the Ever Romantic Moon revolves and rotates around his beloved, The Mighty Earth but she only has eyes for her lover, The Life-Giving Sun and rotates and revolves around her, dancing on her axis like a woman possessed by obsessive love. She too chose the stronger one to be her match. And The Sun, who rises to make Earth come alive and full of life and Oh! How she thrives in his presence, her rivers lush with water, her trees laden with fruits, her skies full of rain clouds. He looms over her, making love to her, and she welcomes his heat, absorbing it into her soil to give birth to the many spoils from her womb.

Evening comes, and with the promise of tomorrow this lover of hers bids her goodbye and emerges The moon, shyly, to cool his beloved, to let her rest and lull her to sleep in the silver effulgence of his presence as he watches her fall into a deep slumber. He wants nothing from her, he is happy to see her from a distance, and his love turns to tears of morning dew that are settled over The Earth as The Sun comes back up rousing his sweetheart from the deep slumber and The Moon wordlessly recedes into nothingness, never competing for his place.

This happens each night, and the only one it takes a toll on is The Moon as his own unfulfilled concupiscence and passions consume him. He vanishes every night bit by bit until he decides not to come to visit Earth anymore and that one night of No Moon is the night when Earth comes to know the value of her silent admirer and his love for her. Absolute and complete darkness befall her, and she can’t sleep a wink. No one to sing her songs of love, no breeze to take off the heat. She summons The Moon back, and he can’t stay away as well. From then on for next fortnight The Moon comes back, letting his full luminosity lit up The Earth only to bear the same pangs of unbidden love and once again go through the ordeal of being a Secret Admirer.

This eternal love story too will come to an end when The Sun will one day scorch The Moon and then his Love-Bound Earth out of sheer ego and pride because such vices let no one stay happy and noble. But then comes the wrath of lost love, the pangs of missing something so precious, the heartache of not having his sweetheart by his side. That is when The Sun will collide back on itself like a self-destructive lover and become nothing but a shell of his former grandeur self.

Yes, this where our tale ends. No, not a tale, LoveStory. You might be thinking what I am trying to say my tale was about. I am myself thinking the same thing. But sometimes it is essential to give words to your thought, however incoherent they might be.

But I am smiling for “I was here. I saw it happen. I was part of this colossal tale. I witnessed the three lovers, and I loved with them, pined with them, lost with them.”

That my friends are my footprint in this cosmos.



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