5 Ways To Win My Heart

Ohk, so let me think. What are the five ways in which just about anybody can win me over? Let’s get warmed up to the idea.

1. Bring me Flowers. Yes, I love people who bring flowers, they need not be the high-end Orchids or Calla Lillies, they can be Tuberoses or pure just few Roses. I know many girls are into teddy bears and chocolates and other romantically cheesy stuff, not me.

2. Pay respects to my parents. Yes, whoever you are, even if you are my enemy, if you pay your respects and regards to my parents, you will win my heart.

3. You have to love Music & Movies. I adjust well to people who breathe music or are hardcore movie buffs. I mean then we will have so much to talk about and discuss and debate and argue over that you will eventually win my heart.

4. Be an avid reader. I love people who are readers. I believe they have a certain depth and intellect to them. They are great listeners, and impressive speakers plus you automatically come to know that they have the power to imagine. I love to be creative, floral and capricious with my thoughts.

5. Don’t be clingy. Give me my space, and I will give you yours. I so leave me alone when you feel I want my time and I will come back to you sooner than you would have believed. I need solitude to sort my mind and stay stable.

So that’s that, if you have those five things in you, no way I won’t be genial to you. I would probably like you a lot.


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