If Only I Can Tell You…


Dear Parents,

When  you smile at me, you instill a courage in me to wipe my tears,

When you wipe my tears, you prepare me to smile at my fears;

When you hold my hand, I can feel your warmth and heart on my skin,

When you pat my back, I can march ahead  towards my independence with a grin;

When I see you  fight for me, I feel like a knight with a feisty commander,

When I see you upset about my follies, I can forecast a storm without a thunder;

When you play with me, I belive life is just this – a merry ride,

When you don’t heed attention, I sulk in oblivion though I fail to hide;

When you try to walk in my shoes, I find the hurdles diminishing and distances disappearing ,

When I see you embracing my handicaps with pride, I strive to…

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