Be happy in own “Skin”


Hi Everyone,

Have you heard about Apartheid?  It is a racial segregation system based on colour which was followed in South Africa (1948-1994) before it was uprooted after Nelson Mandela won elections.  It has a history running way back to the days of colonisation that has slavery as well wrapped up in its pages.  To put simply it is about a belief that “white is superior to black”.

Now with the passing time world has moved forward by leaps and bounds.  We (Indians) have not only witnessed but are also a part of “change” be it domestically  or globally.  In terms of trade, education, fashion, entertainment – we have left no stone unturned to make our presence felt globally.

But somehow I feel there hasn’t been any considerable change in our deep down psyche wherein we prefer white (read fair) to black/brown (read dark).  Majority of population still feels fair is beautiful.  Pick up…

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