Her Wings….



They were both caterpillars, they crawled their way out and kept on changing skins, making it more adaptable to surroundings, Evolving. They both went inside a Cocoon, they both needed to hide from the outside world, they both needed to change and to grow. They both emerged as with wings, ready to fly, all beautiful and Graceful, they both were willing to spread their wings and take a flight to the skies and see what it has to offer. They will both die if you catch them in a net and keep them in a jar. They will wither, they won’t last long in confinement. The story of a woman and a butterfly is not very different, the main difference is one is real delicate, and the other is real strong.


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Marco Melgrati is a freelance illustrator based in Mexico City. He specialises in creating small illustrations that show the sad truth of modern life and how blind we are to the realities. People will have different opinions on the topics that Marco covers in his work, and that’s fair enough. But we can all agree that he’s got a talent for reading between the lines and expressing himself in his work, props to him.

1. Love your enemies


2. Self Made


3. Solving problems: logic or instinct?


4. Social Media Narcissism


5. Modern love


6. Be whoever you want to be


7. No more privacy


8. Becoming trapped in work


9. Karma


10. Learn to use it better


11. Power and politics


12. Learn to forget, you are Capable


13. What happens to America?


14. Should be love.


15. Everybody needs somebody.


16. Pay attention!


17. Influencers and followers


18. The human cost of deforestation


19. War in the name of God


20. The language of the new media


21. War is closer than you think


22. Vanity


23. From Consumerism to capitalism


24. The hazards of optimism


25. Smartphone addiction


26. The Pinnochio of Politics


27. Social Media Confessions

28. When we say we are Bookworms

29. Think before you mess with it.

30. The Fearless Opportunist

31. You don’t need a miracle to change your job.

32. The Hard Way Out of Afghanistan

33. Always Be Ready When Inspiration Strike

34. European Central Bank Steps Up Financial Pressure On Greece

35. Relationship Status: Complicated

Marco Melgrati - Ways to Deal with a Complicated Relationship Relationship, love, deal, man, girl, woman, abstract, complex, intense, compromise, pink, kiss, true, feel, draw, retro, vintage, illustration:

36. Financial Advisors Banned for Tax Fraud

Marco Melgrati - Financial adviser jailed  for tax fraud:

37. Drugged Happiness

Marco Melgrati - What is the right use of antidepressants?:

38. Syria Civil War

Marco Melgrati - Syria's civil war:

39. Global Warming

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40. Future of Europen Union

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Abide By Fear ?

by Sakhi

They tell you to keep your silence for life and Abide.  They ask obedience, and they seek compliance. You are left with no choice but to heed, to kneel, to accept it all and give your consent. Then all that is left to do is follow and adhere. There is no respect, there is no admiration, all there is left is Fear. Fear will make you tolerate, bear, suffer and endure. Fear will make you put up with it, sit tight, hang in there. It will make you withstand, stomach all the injustice. Do not let them prevail. Do not permit, do not subsist. There is no need to sweat it out, to undergo the suffering. Challenge your fear, contest with yourself. Squash the thing holding you back from rebuttal. You need to debunk anyone making a claim to you, on you, about you. Contradict them, discredit all things said or told. Set yourself free, Breakout !