Cooking The Italian Provinces – Rome

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Rome covers almost one-third of the Lazio region and is the capital of Italy. Rome’s history spans more than two and a half thousand years. While Roman mythology dates the founding of Rome around 753 BC, the area has been inhabited for much longer according to historians, making it one of the oldest continuously occupied sites in Europe.


Rome covers almost one-third of the Lazio region and is the capital of Italy. Rome’s history spans more than two and a half thousand years. While Roman mythology dates the founding of Rome around 753 BC, however, the area has been inhabited for much longer, making it one of the oldest continuously occupied sites in Europe.

After the fall of the Western Empire, which marked the beginning of the Middle Ages, Rome gradually came under the political control of the Papacy and continued under their rule until 1870.


Rome was a major…

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What is that you are hopeful about?


Hi Everyone,

Before proceeding further I would like to wish you all a very happy new year.  We all had our share of joys and sorrows; surprises and shocks; love and hate; friends and foes in the year which has just passed away (I hope this is a correct expression to use ☺).  So we all are stepping into a new year (I know it’s just a change of number 16 to 17, but change is a change nevertheless) with memories both fond and otherwise and hopes of betterment in the near future.

“Better” as in?  Better job, better pay, better position, better movies, government policies😏, better wardrobe, better vacations and blah blah.  We surely hope and want better of everything we had so far, right?

On that note I would like to announce what I want or rather hopeful about in the new year:

  • No more procrastination:  Yes…

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Would you like to dance with me?



Hi Everyone ,

My question is to you only, would you like to dance with me?  Since year is drawing close to an end and many parties round the corner are you prepared to don your dancing shoes?

What did you say?  You don’t  know how to dance.  So what, I am not a professional  either and we shall not dance to impress but to express.  Isn’t it right approach?   So let your hair down and dance, dance like there’s no tomorrow ,  dance like no one is watching you.  And feel the beat, let your feet move to the tune of your favourite number, doesn’t really matter even if you have two left feet.  Every  movement  with happiness adds grace to your moves, period!   And if you still feel awkward just close your eyes, put on your headsets, turn on your favourite song and let your imagination…

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Partying in Desert


Hi Everyone,

Eating dessert in desert with none other than my favorite actor Leonardo DiCaprio and having the most engaging conversation ever of my life.

Me: How come you are here?

Him:  Searching my Titanic.

Me:  Here?  Wasn’t it sailing on Atlantic and it’s a desert here.

Him:  Actually I lost my GPS.

Me:  So why are you looking for Titanic?

Him: My GPS was on that ship only.

Me: OK.  So where is your car parked?

Him: Near my apartment.

Me: Where is it?

Him: Down the road.

I looked around and could see nothing but sand and sand everywhere.  And said OKAY!

Him: How come you are here?

Me: I lost my GPS too.

Him: Where is your car?

Me: I didn’t drive but I flew down in my chopper.

Him:  That sounds wonderful, so where is your helipad?  Must be down the street, right?

Me:  No, it’s…

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Not just a cup of coffee



Hi Everyone,

(It could be your story too😉)

John was waiting for the lift to arrive at his 10th floor apartment.  He seemed to be a little restless and a little agitated. Shaking one leg in nervousness he was anything but calm.  To add to his irritation lift was taking a life time to arrive.   And imagine if one is greeted with a foolish question in the morning when the mind is dancing amidst the tides of negative emotions and face is reluctant to show anything except frown.

“Good morning Mr.John, waiting for the lift? asked one of his neighbour as he opened the door to collect milk bottles left at his door.  Answer to this question is  quite obvious but John sarcastically (not in so good spirit ) said “no sir I am waiting for the next Rajnikanth (Indian superstar) movie to release”.  And when you are in…

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A Tribute To My Faded Jeans

By Kalpana


Hello Everyone,

Every wardrobe has a pair of faded jeans which is as good as an old companion.  And heart surely bleeds when mom gives away that pair of jeans as a piece of junk.

For every wardrobe’s founder member here’s a small tribute:

You have been my company be it hospital’s corridor or rock concert;

You have walked miles with me be it rocky terrain or a garden of roses;

With you chasing be it goals or bus was easy;

You were my partner in crime in every tryst;

You never let your aging belittle me, more faded you got more beauty you added thus defying the aging process;

It doesn’t matter how many new entrants are there in my cupboard occupying your area, your place in my heart is in tact;

For me it was your value that mattered and was never price;

Now that you left me…

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Crisis- See Our Definition

by Kalpana


Hi Everyone,

And a special Hello to all the lovely ladies out there! crisis, a small word embracing anything and everything starting from financial  disruptions of a household to something really critical such as war.  But today I would like to talk crisis on a little lighter note which is by no mean a trivial matter when taken a look from our perspective, from a woman’s perspective.

This is a question to all the beautiful ladies (gentlemen can also answer on behalf of ladies of and in their lives).  Has it happened that a party is round the corner and the first  and foremost worry that lingers in your mind is “What shall I wear?” Or the general expression that comes on your face, a frown exclaiming “I have nothing to wear!” 🙂  No matter our cupboards might be overflowing with  trendy outfits but for that important (seemingly for us) occasion…

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