Abide By Fear ?

by Sakhi

They tell you to keep your silence for life and Abide.  They ask obedience, and they seek compliance. You are left with no choice but to heed, to kneel, to accept it all and give your consent. Then all that is left to do is follow and adhere. There is no respect, there is no admiration, all there is left is Fear. Fear will make you tolerate, bear, suffer and endure. Fear will make you put up with it, sit tight, hang in there. It will make you withstand, stomach all the injustice. Do not let them prevail. Do not permit, do not subsist. There is no need to sweat it out, to undergo the suffering. Challenge your fear, contest with yourself. Squash the thing holding you back from rebuttal. You need to debunk anyone making a claim to you, on you, about you. Contradict them, discredit all things said or told. Set yourself free, Breakout !