Lovely Solidarity Blogger Award

Hello Friends,
I have been awarded another prestigious award “Lovely Solidarity Blogger Award”, and this has been presented to me by your success inspirer. I want to take this chance to thank them for this honour. I am exalted. I never thought such day would come in my blogging career. I hope your blog goes from strength to strength.
Question:  To you, is Solidarity blogging worthwhile?
Answer: Of course, Solidarity Blogging is worth every post made towards the attempt. Blogging is not a one-man job, it is a collective effort. My blog won’t be Penny’s worth is there is no one to read and comment or leave Likes and Reblogs. A blog is a success when readers and followers take time out to read and let the writer know if he is doing a good job. The harmony in this unity is the essence of Blogging. The Aesthetic of blogging lie in team spirit and unanimity. I love to make guest posts and have guest writers on my blog. My most favourite are to read my writer’s friends blog and find something I can Reblog. You all are my inspiration and my strength.
The bloggers that I wanna nominate are:
  1. running Tizen
  2. magic Jan
  3. grounded
  4. livefree2sailfast
  5. heart afire
  6. andtwobecameone
  7. shopgirl anonymous
  8. never2old2dream
  9. Jason movie blog
  10. verbal seduction Ananya
The rules:
1. Write a post on your blog thanking the person who nominated you.
2. Paste the award in the post.
3. Provide a link to the blog of the person who nominated you.
4. Go to and give a short answer to the question at the end of the post.
5. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and inform them.
Happy blogging to all!
Warm Regards