The Age Of Love !

by Sakhi

Let my Love Prosper, Let my Love Thrive

Your name is Love, You are Love Embodied

My happiness Begins and Ends with you

Your Pain is in my Heart

My Dreams have become Splendid Rainbow

Your Arms are the Place I lose Myself in

Every Breath I take is for You

Come to me, Can’t go on without you Baby

These Spaces in between make me Yearn

Let me Die in your Arms, Let me be Reincarnated there

The World of our Love, The Horizons meeting as one

I Fear it might be a Mirage, I Fear it might be a Facade

Let my Love Prosper, Let my Love Thrive

Your name is Love, you are Love Embodied



Candles Online

Old age is viewed as an unavoidable, undesirable and problem ridden phase of life. It brings many obstacles for the ones going through, many problems, physiologically, psychologically, socially, emotionally and financially. The baggy eyes, the sagging, wrinkled, blue-veined skin, the toothless smile, the silver hair, the lisp words, the trembling hands, the bent back, the improper motor skills and unstable steps, all are screaming of a lifetime of experience and struggle.

They develop symptoms like poor memory, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, headache, depression, memory defect, periods of confusion, lowered efficiency in work, intolerance of change, disorientation, restlessness, insomnia, failure of judgement, a gradual formation of delusion and hallucinations, extreme-mental depression and agitation, severe mental clouding in which the individual becomes restless, combative, mental stability diminishes, financial power becomes bleak and eyesight suffers a setback. It is a period of disappointment, dejection, disease, repentance and remorse.

I often wonder why is it…

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