A Pep Talk With Christmas 😊

by Sakhi

Hey Christmas, 

Nice to meet you, I am Holly  

My god, you’re here, I am so Jolly,

I was waiting for you, All year, such a Folly

Bring along Santa, please, One so Rolly-Polly

I have some Mistletoe, Under which I will kiss my Dolly

Need to buy all my presents, Going to Mall with my Trolley

All my friends will come, Dennis, Scooby and Polly

I will be hanging my stockings, Hope to get some candy and few Lolly

A ball for my brother too, One for Basket and one for Volley

I plan to eat so much cake, Till I hurt my Belly

One snowman I will make, Though out in snow he feels Chilly

Mum will get me new clothes, A dress that is Pink and Frilly

Need to hug that boy next door, You know the one I Sholly

Will pluck some flowers too, A Rose, a Tulips and a Lily

Throw out my old shoes, Oh! They are so Smelly

Mum has knit my new socks, They are so warm and Woolly

That is my list, for now, Dear Christmas, Bye Bye, for now, Finally