By Chiradeep Patra

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit. Proverbs 15:13

John and Nathan are two best friends came back from their schools to see their old teacher at his house. He had invited them to reward them with different gifts. They both were looking very happy and cheerful. They spoke well to everybody, they helped every needy on the way to their teacher’s house. The expectation of receiving gifts made them happy and joyous. Finally when they reached, their teacher asked them to sit down and wait. The teacher came with two packets and handed them their respective gifts. They expressed their gratitude and started opening their packs. John found an expensive watch inside his packet and Nathan found a canvas, and all different colours of crayons, water colours etc. Nathan was a great painter but he was unhappy and looked gloomy.

I have seen many faces changing colours from white-happiness to red-anger, yellow-panicky, and black-gloomy. I have even seen faces changing from yellow, red, and black to white. But holding a cheerful or white face is not always easy. We need practice to keep our heart happy, to make our face cheerful.

In my life I hate to stay gloomy, grumpy, angry… I have always tried to stay happy and cheerful. Only a satisfied heart or a heart of contentment can make our face cheerful/glow. When we are discontent about certain things we feel the poke/ache. Then we feel our spirit crushing with no-enthusiasm, disinterest etc.

Even if Nathan couldn’t have bought the painting materials by himself as he was not financially that well to do, but still he was sad because he was discontented about the gift he got from his teacher. His eyes were greedy for his friend’s gift – an expensive watch.

How many times we do compare our gifts, blessings with others and feel sad?

Let’s learn to stay happy and content… then only we can have a cheerful face, otherwise our discontentment/heartache will keep crushing our spirits everyday, every moment.

Stay Blessed!

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by Chiradeep Patra

I never knew this kind of celebration before till I participated in one. It was the first week of December in 2013. Christmas was closing in… the atmosphere was ecstatic. I was wondering what can be Pot-lock Lunch celebration…!!! We all were asked to make one dish of your own choice. There were no specifications. And we were asked to make for only our own family members. I mean if we are two in the family then we will make only for two people.


Finally, when the time came we had to carry our own cooked dish and visit our church. In one of the rooms, there were tables together for the foods to be kept. We kept ours on the table. My wife made “Dahi Bada“. There’s a picture of the same below:

(Dahi Bada)

Now slowly all our church members started to barge in the room with their cooked dishes. It was an amazing sight. I kept clicking everybody with their dishes. Let me display few of those pictures for you all…

(Plain Rice)

There were three young boys of our church who were asked to cook only rice so that they won’t feel burdened financially.

(Fried Rice)

Apart from plain rice, there was some fried rice as well by another church member. That was so sweet of her.

(Chicken Kofta/Cutlet)
(Malai Chicken)
(Plain Chicken Curry)
Fried Chicken)
(Fried Chicken)

Above, I displayed all FOUR chicken preparations for you to savor… I mean only with your beautiful eyes… 😉

Now, next, I would like to present prawn items for you…

(Malai Prawn)
(Prawn Curry)

If you have finished eating prawn items then we can move on to egg preparations as the next items…

(Fried Eggs with fried Potato)
(Egg Curry)
(Egg Curry)

Now let’s move quickly to the veg and dessert section finish our lunch as soon as possible… 😉

(Fried Pottato & Beans)
(Fried Potato & Beans)
(Kheer or Payes)

Then finally we drank water in utter satisfaction… I don’t have the pictures of water… You can google it. 😉

You must be thinking I am just sharing this event just for the sake of sharing… But my main motive behind this was to let you know the lesson that I learned from this special lunch gathering…

You won’t believe we all were satisfied and overjoyed. Though the preparations were not that grand, the quantity  of each dish brought was not sufficient for all but when we shared that small amount with all there was no shortage of food but there was food still left till the end. People were forced to eat the rest so that nothing go as wastage.

I was so overwhelmed with the brotherly love and blessings that day. I learned that when I share my portion with others I will never lack anything instead I will be satisfied to the highest.

Keep sharing the love and blessings that you have today…

Stay Blessed!!!

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