Her Wings….



They were both caterpillars, they crawled their way out and kept on changing skins, making it more adaptable to surroundings, Evolving. They both went inside a Cocoon, they both needed to hide from the outside world, they both needed to change and to grow. They both emerged as with wings, ready to fly, all beautiful and Graceful, they both were willing to spread their wings and take a flight to the skies and see what it has to offer. They will both die if you catch them in a net and keep them in a jar. They will wither, they won’t last long in confinement. The story of a woman and a butterfly is not very different, the main difference is one is real delicate, and the other is real strong.


Wings Of Hope !


by Sakhi Bansal

The wings of Hope
Embedded in colors of strength
The flight of struggle
Made possible by patience
The journey of a butterfly
From a caterpillar to bloom
Change with willingness
The soul from of the Pupa
To the body of the Larva
An image of Art
Making it’s life
A vehicle of Transformation