My Celebration : Revisited !

by Sakhi

Celebration is to rejoice, and I rejoice in you
You are my home, I reside in your heart
You are my rangoli, a man of thousand shades
The kisses that are left by you on my lips are the sweetest sweet
You are the mural and the muse that’s watching me forever
Your arms are the flower garlands that twist around me
Your love is the lights that twinkle in my eyes
Your breath is the incense of love, spreading fragrance in my life
Your name is the Mantra, summarizing all the Vedas for me in one word
Your body is my splendid fireworks show, lighting up my night
You are my wish, you are the gift, you are the blessing

My Celebration ! (Inspiration for this poem)

My Celebration !


by Dr. Sri Satya

You are my celebration.
For any man, festival means homecoming.
You are my festival,
With you is my celebration,
Time spent together is a blessing,
Your kisses are my festival grants,
The radiance of your smile is my festival of lights,
The warmth of your hug is my real festive mood,
And for sure my dear, you are my exquisite delicacy,
Loving you like a sin will be the worship,
Feasting on your beauty will be my sumptuous meal,
The words of love will be the chant,
With you, there are no ifs and buts,
You are the carnival, you bring the gala and You are my CELEBRATION.