Frenzied !

by Sakhi

Call it Insanity, Call it Love

Why oblivious to my Madness

I am Proud of this Frenzy

Believe it or not but it is the Eternal Truth

Why so blinded, Why such obscurity

My heart desires only you, it Yearns for just You

It will wait for you till the end of time

Desertion will lead me to Death

I won’t return from Land of Souls

Do not look for me Ever again

I am consumed by my Delusion

Flamed !



by Sakhi

The wounds of my Heart Bleed wet Crimson Red

Your desertion Singed my Blood, Toasting every Nerve

Give Love a slow Death, let it Roast and Sear

Take a Match Box, set flame to love, Cremate Memories

Watch as Passion is turned to Ashes, as Ashes scatter to Winds

Let the Bonfire turn to Wildfire, as Ardour bursts into Flames

Shed a Tear, Smile, walk Away, keep moving, don’t look Back

For a Phoenix is Born from the Ashes of Love and she walked on Flames


You In Me !

I am living in you, Let me breathe, Let me feel alive
Once I was touched by you, the one time that I dreamed of you
The sky was seen in the waters, the reflection of you was in the clouds
The fog that surrounds me and engulfs me in your smoky eyes
Let me fly, let me soar higher and touch the rainbow that’s you
Hold my hand once again and I know it is meant to happen
Sleeping in your eyes, living in your dreams
Smiling on your lips, twinkling in your tears
You are my days and my nights, you are my language
My words made of love, you know all my unspoken fears
Tie my heart with yours, be mine, bind me with your warmth
Drowned in your thoughts, that is my only destination, that is my only journey


I Am Not HERE !

Do not grieve me today, I died long ago
I was never here, I was long gone
I was an illusion, a myth, a hallucination u had
I was the mirage of oasis in desert
I was long burned to cinder, ashes are all that you hold
That faded tint on your windows tell you I am gone
Those vultures in you backyard have come to feast
The wind that whispered in your ear was my last breath
The rain that fell, to wash away my sins and the evil that was me
The withered flowers that lay in your path were fragments of me
The faded torn pages in your diary, they are decayed like me
That star u wished for, it fell like a shooting star
The diminishing lights all around you, are me rusting away
Do not shed those tears now, I am long dead



Eyes : Resist Loosing Self

What the eyes see, the heart feels, What the heart feels, the eyes say!
Eyes are the doorway to our hearts and the windows to our soul
Mirroring  our fears and wishes, Look into the eyes, They never lie
Speaking honestly, loud and clear, They need no words and no language
They can talk with strangers, They can make bonds with animals
Making love without touching, They can speak the language of no words
Full of the storms inside you, They are screaming of the pain you bear
Smiling to see that one person who lives in our heart
Flooding when your pain overflows,  Breaking all dams
Sparkling, Dazzling, Captivating, Mesmerising, Soulful
Love, Passion, Lust, Envy, Misery, Secrets live in them
These two eyes are two worlds, Two planets, Two galaxies
Come and gaze into them, Come and Resist being lost!


Tree of Wisdom

Across the angry seas and the proud mountains
I walked the desert with blistered feet
I looked into the depths of a bottomless crevice
The cold turning my soul to ice
Never faltering, Never wavering, Never stopping
I swam in the storms, The rains and The Thunder
The winds I face trying to blow me over
But I stand like a tree, For I am not a fallen leaf
My journey would not end, My quest is hard
To find that forest, That water spring, and That tree
I will rest there
Soaking my feet under the shade of that tree
The Forest of Peace
The spring of Contentment
The tree of Wisdom

(My inspiration, A bonsai tree of Fycus)