Exit, Freedom !

by Sakhi

I am Free! Come, see, I am Free

Free from Pain, Broke those Chains

Static has Enveloped me on all Sides

Who  will come to My Rescue, Hears my Pleas

What hard Times have Befallen, Time stands Still

Can’t go on from this point, Can’t look into Abyss

I have a condition, The Promise of Fidelity

My age is Weary, Been on the run without Respite

Evening stands Still at this Turn for a Lifetime

The Blood of my Heart is Adulterated too

This is the Price of Love, the Price of Honour

Left Empty-Handed, I am in Void but Alas

I am Suffering your wound, Bearing your Stitches

Lonely in Misery, Solitude is Unendurable

Estrangement is my Strength now

No Roadblocks Stop me, the door is Ajar

I will walk Afar, I will make my Journey

Abide By Fear ?

by Sakhi

They tell you to keep your silence for life and Abide.  They ask obedience, and they seek compliance. You are left with no choice but to heed, to kneel, to accept it all and give your consent. Then all that is left to do is follow and adhere. There is no respect, there is no admiration, all there is left is Fear. Fear will make you tolerate, bear, suffer and endure. Fear will make you put up with it, sit tight, hang in there. It will make you withstand, stomach all the injustice. Do not let them prevail. Do not permit, do not subsist. There is no need to sweat it out, to undergo the suffering. Challenge your fear, contest with yourself. Squash the thing holding you back from rebuttal. You need to debunk anyone making a claim to you, on you, about you. Contradict them, discredit all things said or told. Set yourself free, Breakout !

I’ve Had ENOUGH !

by Sakhi
I challenge you, I Protest
Who in the world said, “You Know The Best”
I merely want Justice
Don’t think I am a Novice
Everything you say I will Question
Freedom is my motto, Liberty is my Mission
You will be faced with severe Oppression
I am not ready to be a victim of Suppression
You won’t take me easy, I Revolt
You will soon feel the Impact of this Jolt
Call it Mutiny or Rebellion
I don’t need any Awards or Medallion
You will see my Insurgency turn to Rebellion
This Riot will reach the Masses and every Civilian
This Outcry, this Demonstration
Will turn to Earthquake, shake your Foundation
I will see that new Dawn of Salvation
Of Deliverance, Of Sovereignty, Of Liberation