Healthy Smoothies !

Fire up your blenders, folks smoothies are a quick and convenient way to get a blast of nutrients, including protein, carbs and vitamin A,B,C and more. Whether you nee an energising breakfast on the go or a post workout shake that makes your taste buds happy, these easy smoothie recipes just so happen to require only three ingredients each.m(quick, cheap and easy, you heard it right !) simply add ice and blend until frosty and smooth. From chocolatey, peanut buttery goodness to naturally sweet berry based creations, there’s nutritious recipe for every type of craving in the infographic below. So start concoting – there’s no wrong way to fuel up !


Fruit Ninja Inspiration: Panama Papers !

Red bananas, also known as Red Dacca bananas in Australia, are a variety of banana with reddish-purple skin. They are smaller and plumper than the common Cavendish banana. When ripe, raw red bananas have a flesh that is cream to light pink in color.
The purple colour of these carrots is actually due to anthocyanin pigments. The history of these carrots can be traced back to Rome and Central Asia, where they were grown as early as the 10th century. Purple carrots, still orange on the inside, were sold in British stores starting in 2002.

A variety of Zea mays, is a corn grown in the Andes region of South America. It is common in Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru. The kernels of Purple Corn have long been used by the people of the Andes to color foods and beverages, a practice just beginning to become popularized in the industrialized world. Besides its use as food and dye, purple corn is thought to have many health benefits.

With this vegetable on the table, it is not necessary to invent mysterious holiday meals, any potato salad this will give the dish a unique flavor. In combination with purple cauliflower, purple corn, purple carrots and purple onions can be very purple salad.

This is truly an amazing hybrid. When looking at the vegetables come to mind mysterious flying objects or futuristic creations. But breeders only a cross like cauliflower and broccoli. Released as a result of such a entangled fractal vegetable. This kale does not only look impressive, but it also contains many useful trace elements.

Found majorly in South East Asia, Rambutan’s oval shape and red/pink hair is what attracts the onlooker at first. The sweet and sour white colored fleshy part lies inside that tastes much like grapes.

One of the oldest fruits in the world, African horned Cucumber looks pretty much like a regular cucumber from inside but its outward appearance renders it an exotic look altogether. It is also called as ‘blow fish fruit’, named after it’s yellowish outer shell with spines like horns.

There will be lots of people holding up the “Photoshopped” cards, but you would be wrong! These really are grown by a plantation in Chungju, South Korea as farming scholarships

The small colored red fruit is known for its sweetening potential that turns anything sour into a sweet delight. Native to West Africa, this berry looks luscious and attractive indeed!

Kiwano melon is also called the horned melon. Originally from Africa, but also grown in California, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand. Despite its name melon, it feels much like a mixture of lemon and banana. This melon is usually served as a mixed salad or garnish on grilled meat dish

Pitaya is met as the dragon fruit is the fruit of several cactus species of the genus Hylocerus. Cactus flowers bloom at night, the flowers turn into fruit, actually pitaya cactus is a kind of sweet.