Till Death Do Us Apart….

His memory followed me even when he moved on
It was after me even though I had pushed him away
It was tracing my footsteps through the barren lands
It was sneaking up on me from behind trees and rocks in those forests
It was lurking out at the most ungodly hours in the snow-capped mountain peaks
It was chasing me to the sand dunes; it waited near the oasis to quench his thirst
He was hunting me down like a deer caught in headlights
He was pursuing me through the deep dark caves under the Earth
He was tracking me down to the waterfalls of Niagara
He was walking down to my trail and reaching out to me as I break down, not letting me rise
He wanted me to be back, his memory not letting me find a hideaway
He wanted me somehow, his reminiscence making me trip every time I move on
His words coming back from the past to haunt me
His touch still spreading its arms, ambushing me unawares
I sat there and cried, wailed, shouted, threw stones at him, asking him to leave me alone. The wind blowing hard on my face, chilling me to the bone. My hair was scattered all around me as I gathered some loose strands and tucked them behind my ear. I Heard him then. His voice howled with the wind right in my ear as I closed my eyes. It was like he is sitting next to me, startled I opened my eyes and saw him, he was sitting right in front of me.
He just smiled, held my hand, looked into my eyes, and told me “I won’t leave you, I am here for life. You have left me, but I won’t leave you. My memory will chase you to the ends of this Earth. I will live inside you till the end of Time. You can’t hide from me; I will never let go. You know why? Because I live in each breath you take, I survive in your thoughts; I feed on your soul, I drink the blood of your heart, I get stronger with each tear you shed. I am here for a lifetime, remember the promise” he said with an ashen face as I looked transfixed into those mystical eyes.
“Yes”, I told him. I remember it; I remember the promise “we will live in each other, we will never be apart, nothing separates us but death”….. I said that to his memory as he smiled and vanished into a puff of smoke, drifting with fog. I buried my face in my knees, wrapping my hands around me, wanting to feel safe and secure, and repeated those words “nothing separates us but death, nothing separates us but death, nothing separates us but death”.
I removed the blades I wore in around my neck and held one to my wrist. My hands trembled, my breath caught in my throat, my heart beating hard like a drum, my mouth went dry and throat parched. His voice came in my ear “Do it”. I closed my eyes, steeled my heart, stopped breathing and drew the blade across my wrist. The blood splashed across the floor. The pain seared through me, scourging my being. And I saw you, your face in the blood that pooled around me. With every drop that flowed you drained from my body. It was getting quieter, peaceful, sleepy. What a relief to have exorcised you from my soul. I smiled in contentment before all thoughts left me and I slept in the lap of my free soul. Unburdened of the promise we made, I kept it, baby, I kept my promise love. Nothing separates us but Death.


When Heart Talks…

The loneliness of skies reflected in my heart
Walk into my life, surrender your life and make my music
Be my soulmate, make Love Eternal
Everything I loved was snatched away
They won it all; I lost it all
Lose your heart to me, Let me win this once
Let my song live forever on your Lips
Far away in Horizons, the evening turns to a shy bride
My dreams are lit by your thoughts
My heavy eyes are full of water
Each breath is a sigh, an Agony
Just then, someone stirs my Heart
Touched by you, Didn’t see You
I am still lost in the evening, Spent in your Embrace
You Promised “Never will be Apart, Never will be Two Hearts.”
You call me Infidel; I took all your Pain, I Pine for you now
Don’t be so intoxicated by Ick, Think of me, Think of me
I am a Fire, Stay away, Steer Clear
Don’t be swayed by Love; It is Insanity
The Flame burns her Lover, The Moths of Passion
The Flame warns her Lover, The Moths Never Heed
Flowers always bloom, some are to be Withered
You and Me were bound to Love; You won’t find me again
The Foilage of Autumn, Won’t Blossom in Spring
Once they are gone, those Dusks and Dawns, those Nights and Twilights
This is the lesson of Life, Love and Parting
I am the Poetess of the Moment
I am here; I will be gone too
Just like the Youth, Just like the Innocence


First Rule: Trust Limited!

via Daily Prompt: Trust

TRUST ! A simple five letter word, but it contains the foundation of each and every relationship that mankind has created, be it co-dependent like the spouse, controlling like parents, emotional like children, open like friends, compatible like colleagues or complicated like lovers.
It take so much effort to build it, framing with time, assembling respect, laying brick by brick of loyalty, leveling with compatibility, cementing with expectations that were realised, adding the mortar of adjustments and then we see a wall of trust, that stands strong and tall, a support to fall back on during trying times. It will take just one smash of the hammer of betrayal to wreck it, one small crack of doubt in its joints can crumble it to dust, one thrust of insecurity will tear it down to a mess that can never be put back again, the wall will never stand again, at least not as tall, not as strong.
Some people trust easily, some after a lot of speculation, but we all want to believe in the end because only then we are able to feel safe and secure in someone’s company. It is necessary for any bond to grow on us. My mother trusts everyone very easily and completely, she once let her friend borrow her jewellery for a very special occasion. My mother had bought it with her money, the ones she saved over years and years, it was her most prized possession, and she was in love with it. My aunt wore it and was complimented thoroughly, but when she was to return it to her, she made excuses, that she has no one to drop it, that she needs someone trustworthy to send it with and so on. My Mother trusted her and let her keep it till they met next time. Meanwhile, my mother went to some business function with my father, she was shocked to see a stranger wearing her jewellery. At first, she thought she is mistaken, it must be a look-alike, of course, there can be more than two sets in the same design. She took a closer look at the woman wearing it and saw that it was smudged on edge(she has smudged the edge of hers on an Almira). She was shocked and hurt, she never said a single word to my father or to her friend, but she was heartbroken and feeling betrayed.
She was not sad that her friend lent her jewellery to someone without her permission, but she was saddened by the fact that her friend couldn’t or wouldn’t keep her trust. She valued her friendship much cheaper than the piece of jewellery, she found it alright to breach her faith for someone else. That day she was not grieving her materialistic stuff, but she was mourning her friend and the bond they shared, she knew it will never be the same again amongst them, she can never confide in her like she used to, never treat her like a secret keeper.
Trust is a synonym for love is you like me, when you love, you trust and when you trust, then only you are free to love. It’s like the litmus paper test, if love is present, know that faith is also present. Do not cheat, do not lie, be there for them, know that they love you, don’t worry about breaking up, stick by them, be loyal, have faith, respect, rely upon, be assured, care, protect, confide, confess, hope, expect and finally TRUST !!!