Exit, Freedom !

by Sakhi

I am Free! Come, see, I am Free

Free from Pain, Broke those Chains

Static has Enveloped me on all Sides

Who  will come to My Rescue, Hears my Pleas

What hard Times have Befallen, Time stands Still

Can’t go on from this point, Can’t look into Abyss

I have a condition, The Promise of Fidelity

My age is Weary, Been on the run without Respite

Evening stands Still at this Turn for a Lifetime

The Blood of my Heart is Adulterated too

This is the Price of Love, the Price of Honour

Left Empty-Handed, I am in Void but Alas

I am Suffering your wound, Bearing your Stitches

Lonely in Misery, Solitude is Unendurable

Estrangement is my Strength now

No Roadblocks Stop me, the door is Ajar

I will walk Afar, I will make my Journey

Mythical Musings !


by Sakhi

Mythical is Magical, its Mystical. Myths are fabricated, they are invented with fiction, intricately and imaginatively interwoven with contrivance and deliberate fascination.

Whimsical legends, fabled folklore, allegorical fanciful tales. fairytale, epics, folklore are fabulously delicious to read. The tales are told from mouth to mouth, going down generations, like passing of a baton, imbibing new things and shedding off the not needed. They are full of lessons and morals, of the ways of life, meant as examples for us to follow. Take Bhagvad Gita for example. Written almost 2,000 years ago, the Bhagavad Gita is probably the most widely read of the Hindu scriptures, and it lays out some of the basic ideas of Hindu culture.Selfless devotion to duty is just one of the lessons taught in the Bhagavad Gita.

  1. Thoughts about big or small, your or mine should be kept out.

  2. Money mind can not meditate.

  3. Desires come and go.

  4. We did not bring anything to this world, neither are we going to take anything.

  5. Progress and development are the rules of this universe.

  6. Whatever happened was good, whatever is happening is good and what all will happen in the future will be good.

  7. World is perishable and whoever comes to this world surely has to go one day.

  8. Soul is immortal and our body is perishable Our soul never dies.

  9. We should do our work without worrying about it’s result.

Now I am an atheist but still these are lessons from a mythic poem for me. So I really like to understand and follow few lessons here.These tales were after all created by men who claim to have documented them from life. I agree that man can do things beyond power and imagination. And rest is left to our narrative, our additions and subtraction. Please those among you who are a sticker for Mythology do not mind this post. It is simply my way of believing, my own take on things higher than my thinking which I try to justify and untangle.