Maddening Rage!

by Sakhi
OH ! I am so bad, Carking Mad
Shattered I am, now Fear this Terror
Come and face, your Darkest Horror
Smashing on the ground, broken my Chair
Pulling out the silky threads, long Black Hair
Chucking my Laptop, Breaking my Phone
Tearing away Flesh, Shredding the Bone
Chafing the knife into my Wrists
I want a War, no more Trysts
Come on and face me, I Dare you Now
I will Destry you, Kill you Somehow
Lighting a Match, setting House on Fire
A Psycho Freak, I am a Funeral Pyre
You are no one, got no right to Object
You can’t read me, an Impossible Subject
My eyes tear up, out comes Blood
It’s not a River, a Goddam Flood
Sharpening my Pincers, Slicing your Shadow
I am a Spider, the deadly Black Widow
Will Pour on you, like the Acid Rain
Will watch you Writhe, in Rancid Pain
Breathing hard, as I Scoured you Raw
I hunted you down, In Eagle’s Claw
I eat you alive, as you Shake
Left animal Paws, in my Wake