Half A Dream

The night of half moon is half gone
Hopefully, what we have to say is not half left unsaid
This rendezvous halved
My dearest, half, unfulfilled is the language of love
Therefore, let your desires are half relinquished
The eyes are half downcast
The lashes too are half closed his rain halF a drizzle
This rain half a drizzle
How long shall this hope remain half
Shall this thirst never be quenched?
The breeze is thirst, the sky is parched
The caravan of stars if halved as well
The melody on Lord’s flute is half
His own love was left incomplete
Eyes are half bloomed, Lips are half wet
The wish to be one with you forever is half still
My love is half of a dream
Complete it my Love
My cravings are half complete
Realise them, Baby
My Passion is half Realised
Take it to finale Honey
My story with you is not Final
Give it a Happy Ending my Darling
My desires are half Ended
Take them to the sky Sweetheart
My sky is not Starlit
Be my moon my Beloved
My moon needs a Night
Be that Night my Lady
My Night needs a Sunrise
Be my Sun my Sweets
My Sunny days need Rains
Rain on me endlessly my Angel
Be Mine Be Mine Be MINE


Shy Moon !

Watch The Magic as you scroll down…..

tall eclipse || Canon5D2/EF200f2.8L | 1/125s | f9 | ISO100

The moon was so shy, it was shy of the night, it glowed in nights presence. So slowly it hid its face into night’s embrace and Vanish in him. The night engulfed the moon into its loving arms and let none see it as it became just his for that one night.