Crisis- See Our Definition

by Kalpana


Hi Everyone,

And a special Hello to all the lovely ladies out there! crisis, a small word embracing anything and everything starting from financial  disruptions of a household to something really critical such as war.  But today I would like to talk crisis on a little lighter note which is by no mean a trivial matter when taken a look from our perspective, from a woman’s perspective.

This is a question to all the beautiful ladies (gentlemen can also answer on behalf of ladies of and in their lives).  Has it happened that a party is round the corner and the first  and foremost worry that lingers in your mind is “What shall I wear?” Or the general expression that comes on your face, a frown exclaiming “I have nothing to wear!” 🙂  No matter our cupboards might be overflowing with  trendy outfits but for that important (seemingly for us) occasion…

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