Bound To Pretend !

via Daily Prompt: Pretend

face-behind-mask-pretenseThe first thing people ask you when you meet someone is How Are You? And more often than not the answer is I Am Fine, How About You? The subject about they are is quickly dismissed with a little rhetorical answer. But I have often wondered is the other person Fine, or are they just Pretending? Pretending to be happy when you’re in pain is just an example of how strong you are as a person. Pretense might keep the other person free from the burden of your trouble and might save you some exasperated looks but it breaks you from inside bit by bit, at the end of the day we always find ourselves encountering the crucial truth that I am broken inside, that no amount of pretending will change the pain inside us.
Pretending is like creating an illusion that suits us, sometimes for us, at times for others, but at some point, we have to accept that we can’t go on pretending forever, Someday that illusion has to break, will break. We Pretend to be heartless, to forget, to forgive, to be deaf to the things we don’t wanna hear, to be blind to the truths we don’t want to see, to be mute to the matters we don’t. Usually, address. Often we Pretend to be someone we are not to please someone saw a pretend that we don’t love, we don’t care, we aren’t hurt on the phone we fake things that will hurt others or will make us seem weaker in others eyes. As we keep pretending and keep playing that game, we realise that slowly it became our habit and gradually it became our character.
ace_cover_s2e4-9809.jpgPretending is a very diversified art, it can be used in so many ways andthough weso many situations. A child Pretends of stomach ache to avoid a school day; an intelligent person pretends to be a fool in front of a fool who themselves are pretending to be intelligent. I often pretend I have great interest and insight about medicine in front of my doctor friend so that I don’t have to listen to his banter as he tries to instill his knowledge into my brains, sometimes I pretend to be naive about art in front my painter friend just to hear her tell me about it from her point of view. Some people pretend to be sympathetic and understanding during your suffering just so that they can get a better seat to watch you struggle, which teaches us not believe that ever helping hand isn’t always there to help. My aunt Pretends she isn’t in pain so that she won’t be sent to a physiotherapist because she fears doctors, a distant cousin of mine pretends to have wealth in abundance to save herself some humiliation in front of her rich friends, and another pretends to be hand to mouth so she won’t have to buy her friends expensive gifts though she can very well afford it. I once saw a child Pretending to talk to his dead father on the phone; I smile sadly because I knew what he was doing, he was creating a myth for himself. We Pretend for small and big things; we Pretend to be asleep, to have eaten when hungry, to be not tired when the wife wants to go to the movie, to not miss that special someone even though we miss him dearly. One day I saw a Shani Baba stealing guavas from my tree through my window, and I saw him fall, I ran out to check on him, he was sitting on ground cross-legged like someone in deep meditation, upon asking he pretended that he was just sitting here, I laughed hard at him, because he was hiding his fall in fear of getting scolded for stealing guavas, I gave him some money, some guavas, and some pain ointment to apply on his scraped knee which was clearly bleeding. My mother often Pretends she isn’t my father so that she won’t see my crying with her pain. Our reasons to Pretend are different but trust me, we all do it at one time or another, we all Fake.
Don’t be angry at everyone who is pretending, they might be saving you from their pain, they might be smiling through tears, they might be going to pieces when they stood by your side to support you. Now lets us pretend that you loved this snippet, haha. PLEASE KNOW THAT WE ARE BOUND TO PRETEND.


The Heart That Gives, Gathers !

by Sakhi Bansal
Generosity ! You do not have to be rich to be Generous! Even a beggar can be generous at times. Yes, you heard it right, he can be generous with blessings and gratification. The poor don’t know that their function in life is to exercise our Generosity. Being Generous is the habit of giving freely without expecting anything in return and doing all the good you can within your means in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, in times of need to people around you as far as you can. What can be given? I know the first word that comes in your mind’s eye is Money and the second would be most probably Food and then will come other materialistic things that usually cost us. But no one must have thought Time, Love, Affection, Smiles, Attention, the rarest and purest gifts one can give without spending a single buck and can give in abundance.The act of giving selflessly and unconditionally is the most satisfying act, it gives such immense peace and feeling of self-worth that no amounts of receiving can give.
generosity (2).jpg
Ever given a smile to a kid sitting on the kerb looking at you sadly, how his face lit up? He does not know you, neither he hopes to be benefitted by you in any way, just the gift of smile was enough o lift his spirits. Anything, when given freely, is exploited, and that’s our biggest fear, that we will be used for being kind. Some people are afraid of Generosity, they feel they will be taken advantage or oppressed. But in the true sense in cultivating generosity, we are only oppressing our greed and attachment, this allows true nature to come out and become lighter and freer. Generosity is often met with pride, as giving more than you can is being generous but taking less than you need is pride. The more you evolve and reach higher levels of conscious the more giving you become. There is evidence that the higher is the level of self-esteem, the more likely one will be to treat others with respect, kindness and generosity. Why ? Because they know how much it hurts when you can’t meet ends meet when you can’t provide your loved ones with the needful, and it makes them more compassionate towards others pain.
I had a hymn I read in school:
Whatsoever you do to the least of your brothers,
That you do unto me!
Whatsoever you do to the least of your Sisters,
That you do unto me!
When I was hungry, you gave me to eat
When I was thirsty, you gave me to drink.
Now enter into the home of your father.
When I was tired, you helped me find rest.
When I was worried you calmed all my fears.
Now enter into the home of your Father.
When I was lonely, to me you did speak.
When I was troubled, you listened to me.
Now enter into the home of your Father.
When I was homeless, you opened the door
When I was naked, you gave me your coat
Now enter into the home of your Father.
When I was laughed at, you stood by my side.
When I was happy, you shared my joy.
Now enter into the home of your Father.
It simply means that whenever you are generous to mankind, you are generous to yourself too, you get much more than you give, you get solace, comfort, gratification. Today, while standing in line at a store, I saw a little girl who asked for a candy bar. After saying “no” twice, her mother gave in. She paid, and as they walked away, the mum gave it to her daughter. The little girl stopped, turned around and handed it to a little boy who was crying in line behind us at the register. The mother asked her why she gave it to him and she said she heard the boy’s mum tell him they didn’t have money left for candy anymore until she can find another job. Such acts of kindness are often seen among kids as they have pure hearts and love to share and to give, their minds are free from the why and what for. We need to learn from such examples, give one fruit to a poor kid as you buy dozens for you family, but a cup of tea to the man shivering across the road, read something for a man who is uneducated. It won’t cost much but will earn you lot of self-worth.
Here are some steps you can take to channel your Generosity:
  1. Consider the benefits of generosity. Like being happier.
  2. Embrace gratitude. Count all the times who were treated Generously.
  3. Start really small. Start with just 10 bucks a day.
  4. Give first. Keep aside some amount for charity at the time of your paycheck.
  5. Divert one specific expense. Like don’t smoke one day and use that to help.
  6. Fund a cause based on passions. I support HelpAgeIndia, it’s my passion.
  7. Find a person you believe in. Find the one most motivated by your support.
  8. Spend time with people in need. Spend some time in orphanages at times.
  9. Spend time with a generous person. Talk to the most generous person you know.
  10. Live a more minimalist life. Just a tiny bit of abstinence from indulgence.
“The world’s most generous individuals have been revealed – and Bill Gates has topped the list. According to research compiled by Business Insider and Wealth-X, the Microsoft co-founder has a net worth of $84.2bn and has so far donated $27bn over the course of his lifetime.”
I think I have taken a lot of your time and said all that could be said. Remember, THE HEART THAT GIVES, GATHERS !!!