Be A Candle !

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I was sitting in the dark today, my house was drowned in an eerie silence after a long time. The BSES Rajdhani Power Lmt. Had to make some repairs in the wiring of my area, and so they had to make a four-hour-long load shedding, and like everyone in Delhi, I too have got an inverter which ironically was to repair this very evening, but the electricity decided to show its importance to me in the morning itself.
I was taken back to my childhood days when no light meant playing Hide & Seek, and it meant going out in the streets and find friends to play with, but now it means cursing the electricity board and waiting for it to be back, desperately. I checked my phone, only 10% battery remaining. My room has no windows, and I did not use my phone to light the room, I wanted to preserve it for calling BSES itself, and so I hunted for a candle in my drawer, but no, none were found, why will they be, they are never used except for birthdays and Diwali. I took one from the showcase, it was a carved candle used for decoration purposes only, and I lit it with the matchbox taken from my father’s little Mandir.
As soon as I lit it my room flooded with calm and pale light that flickered patiently, making my shadow dance on the wall, it’s reflection was falling on the mirror on the opposite wall making another magical candle light up in its depths and I kept watching it as an entertaining pastime and soon was lost in thoughts, like a lost train in the jungles. I loved the company the candle gave me, and I smiled at its nobility, lighting my darkness as it melted it lower and lower, losing its existence with each passing moment. Not once it complained to me that you remember me only when you need me, in fact, it felt privileged that it comes to my mind in times of darkness and loneliness.
Under it was a dark abyss of gloom, which engulfed its feet and I was watching it sinking low into its own blackness. Many times its wick was drowned in its wax, and I felt it will go out, but no, a little gust of wind would make it burn brighter, and it kept fighting the losing battle, turning it into victory. And finally it went out after putting up a hell of a fight, after an inspiring struggle and its short life were over just like that, but my four hours were gone, the light was back the very next moment, and the residual wax on my table was sticking to my table, in the shape of a curve, as if a small smile was playing on the lips of the dead candle for serving its purpose, for helping me, for giving me an ounce of hope and warmth I so needed.
I was wondering why can’t we be like Candles, lighting up the darkness in the souls of fellowmen, giving them companionship in need, letting ourselves burn to serve a higher purpose as we fight the world, as we struggle to survive with purpose, as we reflect our light into the souls of people like us.Let us use this life given to us as a medium to spread hope into others and turn them into mediums of hope, just like one candle can light much more and spread the cheer. Let us see this life pass like candles burns low, and may our light reach the darkest corners, and show a way to the lost.


Have A Coffee !

What are some of the best feelings in the world? Sleeping in late, singing along with your favourite song as it plays on the radio, long walks with hand in hand with your loved one, hot showers, the first swim in the summer, receiving hand written letters, packing for a long due vacation, eating the food you were craving for days. I know the list in endless, and it is a long list. You know drizzling, little windy, little clouds, the little sunshine, a half-read book in your lap and a steaming cup of coffee in my hand. Actually, I think if the day isn’t perfect, a book with coffee alone is good enough to make it Perfect!
28195f2e2bb4d939ba43102e0507f2a9.jpgWith enough coffee, I feel as if all things are possible, even though many of them are highly unlikely, but they are possible. Feeling grumpy, depressed, bored, down on your luck? I somehow feel a cup of coffee made to order just for you can cure them all within minutes. The first sip warms your insides like nothing else, it’s almost as satisfying as sex one can say, strong, hot and can keep you up all night! 😉 Spare my deviltry, I get carried off sometimes, It makes you feel hopeful and energetic, more often than not it will fill you with positivity and optimism. Some of the most brilliant ideas and found when you sit with a cup of coffee, that is the reason you often see journalists and scriptwriter and people who have to work with literary creativity with a cup of coffee in their hands, not just them, all creative people are spotted sipping coffee like a ritual.
For me it is one of the most vital parts of my mornings, my mornings won’t start without a hot cup of coffee, that has more of milk, more of sugar and lots of Cocoa Powder as garnish and I keep some biscuits handy(Bourbon, Dark Fantasy, Hide & Seek, Oreo, Yummy) and I am good to go, that would often become the only breakfast I have. It helps me wake up, but I need it in my favourite mug, it’s yummy, it’s perfect for procrastinating, makes you happy, gives energy, and keeps your hands warm. Until I have coffee with someone, I don’t consider them friends, that’s my glitch. Asking me if I like coffee is like asking me if I like life itself, for me, it’s not just a beverage, it’s a cup of liquid sanity.
images-67Espresso, strong black coffee made by forcing steam through dark-roast aromatic coffee beans at high pressure in an espresso machine. The one I like best, Latte, a single shot of espresso to the three parts of steamed milk. Mocha, a caffè latte with chocolate syrup or powder added Cappuccino, a combination of equal parts of espresso, steamed milk and milk froth. Americano, a single shot of espresso added to a cup of hot water. Macchiato, combining espresso, caramel and foamed milk, through some use steamed milk. These are only a few famous varieties though there is an endless list of blends, each country, each society makes it their own way. Each one has Caffeine, Caffeine is the most widely used mood-altering drug in the world, it can exacerbate anxiety and panic disorders. So many blends, so little time.
It will earn you lot of friends as we all know, A LOT CAN HAPPEN OVER A CUP OF COFFEE! Good coffee with good friends is something to be treasured, it is like you have tasted happiness with a time that was well spent. Many times meeting your best friend at your haunt for a coffee is like therapy, and that is all you need many times.
That was all for today, signing out but not before a cup of coffee. WON’T YOU HAVE SOME COFFEE BEFORE YOU GO ???