This article

by Chiradeep Patra

was written and published by me previously HERE .  But I thought this message is very important and needs to be conveyed again and again to all of us. Thus I republished here.


There are few questions which we should always need to ask ourselves. The questions are as follows to which I have answered what I felt right… Your answer might be different. Read on… 

Do people have the right to offend others?

NO, they don’t have the right to offend anybody including a child…

Should we censor people to prevent causing offense to others?

We should but we can’t do it always…

Should these “offensive” people exercise more control?

It depends on the position and power they are in. They exercise more control if they have power and position or else they keep quiet.

Does free intellectual discussion trump peoples’ sensitivity?

Yes! It does.

There are FIVE ways I feel offended. They are as follows and should be rectified or abandoned:

I feel offended when people shout in public or try to correct me in a group. Sometimes I do the same mistake by correcting people or younger ones in front of others. So we all need to learn that we need to correct a person only in private not in group.

I also feel offended when people talk high of me to others unnecessarily. Sometimes I do the same to others. Sarcasm and flattery are offending to me and to others too.

I feel offended when nobody asks me anything or I am not noticed in a group. It is really offending when we ignore people in a group.

Sometimes when my weaknesses or secrets are openly revealed I feel offended though it’s just for fun not for correction. So we need to remember we should not embarrass or make fun of people.

The last but the worst one is when I get criticized or judged unreasonably by people. Criticism and being judgmental are humiliating and should be censored. It is highly offending.

We need to learn, I need to learn how to be subtle and gentle like a dove. It is important and needed to be followed at once.

Stay Blessed!

2 thoughts on “ARE YOU A GOOD JUDGE?

  1. I agree: “Does free intellectual discussion trump peoples’ sensitivity? Yes! It does.”

    The problem with censoring “offensive” speech is who gets to decide what is offensive? For example, someone who is a non-Christian might find a Christian’s views on morality “hurtful and offensive.” Being offended can be used as a trump card to silence others.

    “What is freedom of expression? Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist.” Salman Rushdie

    I wrote a short essay (750 words) called “Three Traits of Judgmental People.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any feedback:

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