In My Lair

by Sakhi
Come Hither,  I am yours to Pillage
You have my Core for your Tillage
Come on now, Make the Blunder
Let me see, how you Plunder
The Pearly Tears, for your Loot
I am Shaken, down to my Root
I offer you my repression, Come, Strip
Let me bleed, in a Languorous  Drip
You think you are the Satanic Savage
Do you have an Escape? When I Ravage!
Crawling like a Spider, Came to Steal
I have some tricks too, Yet to Reveal
For now, Rip Off, Nab, Lift, Swipe
I will wait for my turn to be Ripe
You have my Heart to Ransack and Raid
Till I Ruin, you and your plans best Laid
Forage, my soul, that Cave’s your to Denude
All your desires are mine, Carnal and Lewd
Seduction is on, Beguiling you to my Lair
You will pay me in full, but the Trial will be Fair
I will break you into bits as you Maraud
On your Carcas I will stand, Applaud

8 thoughts on “In My Lair

  1. I am very glad that I had a complete year end exam yesterday. You proved my doctor right, I have the heart of a man 25 years younger. If he were wrong, that poem would have killed me. What a picture your words painted in my mind. You, my dear friend, have a gift. When I speak, men plot my death. You, make men need a cold shower. The symmetry and flow was flawless. I fear the man will not survive, If I should ever meet such and end-take your time. The valiant taste death but once.

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