Countless memories and countless emotions


Source: Participating in Prompts and Challenges

Hi Everyone,

Every soul that takes birth on this earth be it any form of life has a journey which we call “life cycle”.  For souls in human body this journey of life is filled and marked with “Countless” memories and emotions.

Taking a ride down the memory lane, brushing aside the dust from the pictures life is standing as a flashback in front of my eyes and I am watching it without battling the eyelids.

A simple girl from a middle class family who loves to-day dream having high hopes and aspirations for future.  Academically good (at least everyone thought so 🙂 ) parents, teachers, friends and even myself had high expectations from me that I would do well in life.  Out of school, now in college.  A different and a bigger world.  Lessons were not just a part of classroom but every…

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