Partying in Desert


Hi Everyone,

Eating dessert in desert with none other than my favorite actor Leonardo DiCaprio and having the most engaging conversation ever of my life.

Me: How come you are here?

Him:  Searching my Titanic.

Me:  Here?  Wasn’t it sailing on Atlantic and it’s a desert here.

Him:  Actually I lost my GPS.

Me:  So why are you looking for Titanic?

Him: My GPS was on that ship only.

Me: OK.  So where is your car parked?

Him: Near my apartment.

Me: Where is it?

Him: Down the road.

I looked around and could see nothing but sand and sand everywhere.  And said OKAY!

Him: How come you are here?

Me: I lost my GPS too.

Him: Where is your car?

Me: I didn’t drive but I flew down in my chopper.

Him:  That sounds wonderful, so where is your helipad?  Must be down the street, right?

Me:  No, it’s…

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